You're going to name who Captain? Me? Noooo...

Gomez Goin' French: Perhaps For The 'C' In Montreal’s Michael Farber is reporting that former Ranger Scott Gomez is studying with a French tutor, perhaps in attempt to gain an edge in consideration for Captaincy of the Montreal Canadiens.  Gone is longtime captain Saku Koivu to Anaheim, and apparently one of his most glaring downfalls was his spotty French and lack of communication skills with the French media.

Zut alors!! If Gomez studies his French as hard as he studied the Rangers power play, he may be telling French reporters that he wants to score more goats instead of more goals.

Gomez was anything but captain material in his brief tenure in New York.  He’s always been a speedy player who can cause matchup issues due to his speed and shiftiness.  But leading his squad was not a quality that emanated from his two lackluster seasons on Broadway – two that fell far short of New York expectations, despite his stellar season series against the hated Devils.

However, with the Canadiens adding free agents like they are iPhone applications, who knows who else is  a legitimate candidate to fill the role of wearing the big ‘C’ on his chest – an honor Gomez hasn’t been annointed since his youth hockey days back before he moved to the contiguous United States.

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  • The Colonel

    Gomez is doing what some in the military call ‘professionalism’ and others say is ‘going native.’ I chose to take several Japanese classes before I took my battalion over there in 2008 so I would show that I was making the same extra effort they did in speaking English. I would say he is being a professional, bt I also think, Cpatian Gomez or not, it has to do with media survival in Montreal.

    (Great comment about scoring and the French media!)

  • Tom

    Good call Colonel, but who else would be up for Captain of the Habs if it isn’t going to be Gomez? Why not Patrice Brisebois? He’s a Montreal native. But then again something about putting the C on the chest of a 38-yr old defenseman who hasn’t produced a 20-point season since 2005-06 doesn’t sound like the best idea.