How will Torts handle both Avery and Prospal? (

Prospal Apparently Has Something To Prove

Apparently, Vinny Prospal has something to prove…

At least, according to a recent interview of John Tortorella by the NY Times’ Jeff Klein.

“He still has talent,” Tortorella said Tuesday of the 34-year-old Prospal. “I think he has something to prove. And Vinny Prospal is a pretty damn good player when he has something to prove. He’s a pain sometimes, which doesn’t matter. It’s a good intensity that he has. I think he can help us. He has some offensive skill. It’s a good signing. It’s a one-year deal, not a bunch of money, and this guy has something to prove. I think he’s a pretty good player when he has that kind of attitude. He’ll help us on the power play.”

Is it just me or does Torts often talk in segments?  And loves to stress key points he’s trying to get across to his audience.

Tortorella is often a lightning rod when it comes to players who like to openly speak their mind or challenge their coach.  He doesn’t back down and is always willing to get into a major confrontation (see: Game 5 of Washington series last post-season).

Prospal is a former combatant of Tortorella’s and his signing marks the second time the Rangers have brought in a player that’s considered ‘difficult’ (Sean Avery) despite Tortorella’s history of public fueding with the individual in question.

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  • Justin

    The idea of bringing in difficult players doesn’t really scare me. Under renney or sather, these players may have been a detriment to the team, but torts won’t let that happen. His no bullshit attitude is exactly what you need to “manage” these kinds of players. Bottom line is, the rangers are absolutely a better team with avery in the lineup and they will be with prospal too.

  • Jason

    Also, Prospal is another guy who plays with his heart and that’s what we need to win. No more guys like Nigel Dawes taking up roster space and cowering away from confrontation. Torts thrives with players that opposing teams will have to talk about in pre-game meetings because that immediately gets them drifting off topic from their game plan.