Lundqvist To Miss Second Straight Game

The day of “rest” for Lundqvist has turned out to be something more serious.  The King will sit tonight against Calgary due to what is believed (or at least reported) to be a sore groin.  Lundqvistdenies it has anything to do with the number of times he has been hit/run over this season.  Hmm.  Can;t be a total coincidence though.  Unless the league starts to do something about it — and it does not appear they will — the Rangers need to take it into their own hands.  Granted some of the hits were legal, but they were still hits, and resulted from opposing players not being fearful of getting near the net.  This has to stop. 






In other Calgary news, I can’t wait for the first Phaneuf-Avery shift.  Will Eisha Cuthbert be in attendance?  Are they even still dating?

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