How Dumb Are Hockey Players?

Apparently dumb enough to whack one’s own goalie in the head so hard he needs to be carried off on a stretcher.  And then go back for a second whack.  (Reports are that Vokoun will be fine.)

Watch Ballard Whack Vokoun

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  • AMS

    One doesn’t need to look far for evidence to support that conclusion – i.e. interviews during intermission. But I’m cutting this kid some slack. He’s young, was frustrated and vented that frustration in an all too common manner. The only difference here was the result.

  • Jordan M. Alpert

    No doubt he felt awful. And I feel for him. But he’s not some elementary school midget hockey player. Recklessness has its consequences, and he should know that. After all, that is the theory behind penalizing even accidental high sticking fouls. I don’t think he should be suspended or ostracized by his teammates or anything, but he deserves no slack.