The Rangers need to keep it going and I need to get some.  (I have no excuse for failing to write following what was the best Ranger win of the season.) 

After coming off of a ridiculously good last two periods against Montreal, the Rangers are taking on the third worst team in the Eastern Conference.  Don’t be fooled by the record though.  There’s loads of offensive talent on Tampa Bay.  You’ve got vets like Lecavalier, St. Louis, and Malone and youngsters like Stamkos.  Then toss in the emerging defensive presence of Victor Hedman.  This is a trap game.  And the Rangers track record against low-ranked but talented teams, especially coming off of big wins, is not good.  One need look only as far back as the Bruins game on Jan. 9.  That was a complete game victory, one of the most hard fought 60 minute battles in recent Ranger memory…and it triggered a three game losing streak in which the team scored 1 goal. 

The Rangers need this win almost as badly as they did Tuesday’s.  If they lose, they will make a mockery of last game’s offensive “explosion” and confirm to me that this team is a long way from being a contender. 

Sidenote:  With Lecavalier in town there’s been rumblings — probably just rumors so sportswriters have something to write/talk about — that the Rangers may make a move to acquire him.  Like I wrote about Kovalchuk recently, this would be a disaster both in terms of the players we’d need to give up to get him and the salary cap affect on the team for years.  Sather’s best move is to leave this one alone.

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