Gaborik fights; Girardi Correct Not To.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first:  The Rangers would have gotten beaten by the Flyers even if the extracurriculars did not occur.  They were flat and listless.  Their carry-the-puck into the zone clearly does not work against attacking teams (which they were supposed to be…but I digress…) and they are too small (unwilling?) to dump-and-chase.  Not a good combo.  But now on to the main event (well, main events) from last night…

Carcillo’s act to intentionally fight Gaborik (he basically said it was when he said he wanted a piece of Gaborik) is bush league.  There used to be honor among fighters.  As much as I despise Brashear, at least he has that.  He wouldn’t pick a fight with Briere.  Carcillois a punk that will be a marked man in the NHL for a while (even if Gaborik technically dropped them first — clearly in self-defense).  Not many people  — outside Philly and Cherry Hill – disagree with this.  What I take issue with is Tortorella’s, Sam and Joe’s, and many others’ pronouncement that Girardi was wrong for not jumping into the fight.  Complete BS.  Now maybe he could have gotten involved when Gaborik and Carcillo were pushing along the boards.  But I saw no replay of where he was when this was happening.  Once the fight started (i.e., gloves off and punches thrown) he has to step down.  If he doesn’t he’s third man in and receives an automatic game misconduct, plus putting the team down a man for 2 minutes.  At least.  It needs to be remembered that the Rangers already were a man down for Dubinsky’s penalty (really, they called that after calling nothing in the first?), it was a 1-0 game with more than 30 minutes left.  But perhaps most importantly, the Flyers have 2 top lines.  Girardi is one of our top 4 defenseman.  We couldn’t afford to lose him.  Besides, no one would fault Gaborik for going cocoon and basically dropping to the ice in a ball and not fighting.  This was like Tyson v. Tatyana Ali.  Not even.  He clearly was worried about his teammate.  He just didn’t want to hurt the team more.  It is wrong to call Girardi out for playing smart.

Random other note from the game:   It was mentioned in passing that the Calgary Flames, including its GM, have been scouting the Rangers live the last two games.  Any thoughts on trades?  (We don;t play them soon, so it’s not advance scouting.)  Rene Bourque?  Olli Jokinen?  Maybe getting Dawes back, haha.  Or maybe, hopefully, given that Calgary is in the middle of the pack out west, they are looking to take on a veteran for young talent/draft picks.

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  • Eugene Markman

    If Gaborik technically dropped the gloves first, what the hell is Carcillo supposed to do? And how does someone technically drop the gloves? He either drops them or he doesn’t. Clearly, he dropped them first, and this was after face-washing Carcillo. If Gaborik wants to avoid a fight, he shouldn’t be in the scrum to begin with. Don’t start crying and whining just because he got his ass kicked.

  • vlad

    comically hypocritical: “0even if Gaborik technically dropped them first — clearly in self-defense”

  • AMS

    What is this amateur hour?! Anyone who has watched more than 2 games knows that the first person to drop his gloves is not always the instigator.

  • Eugene Markman

    The fact that he dropped the gloves at all means he was ready to go. If he hadn’t dropped the gloves, Carcillo was not about to take things any further. Stop looking at the end result. Don’t want the horns, don’t mess with the bull.

  • Jordan M. Alpert

    Are you serious? Carcillo targeted Gaborik in front of the net before the fisticuffs. Don’t get me wrong, once you drop the gloves you take what’s coming (and he got beat badly). But Gaborik dropped them at all only cause he knew he was going to have to fight. Carcillo’s a fighter. He was looking to beat up on a the weakling. NY Post writer Larry Brooks wrote today that Carcillo held back in the fight. Bullsh-t!!! That uppercut was world class.

  • Eugene Markman

    First off, as a Flyers fan, I do hate Carcillo. But in this situation, I have to defend him. While playing for the Flyers, he has never, ever even tried to pick a fight with anyone but another fighter. In this case, there was a scrum and he grabbed the first person he could to even things up. It happens all of the time. Just because you pull a guy out of a scrum and end up 1 on 1 doesn’t always mean you have to fight. Gaborik could have avoided the ass whooping by keeping the gloves on.

  • Jordan M. Alpert

    I appreciate the honesty on Carcillo. Same as every self-respecting Rangers fan with Brashear. (We want Betts back.) And I agree with your general sentiment. All I’m saying — especially now that I’ve rewatched it like 10 times — is that I don’t think Gaborik thought he was instigating/starting the fight. In his mind Carcillo already was fighting. I think our main area of disagreement is on whether Carcillo targeted Gaborik in the scrum and pulled his head down to ramp things up. To me, he did. If he just held Gaborik near the main scrum none of this happens.

  • gel_tabls

    It’s very simple, Gabby doesn’t like to take sh*t from anyone so he was trying to stick up for himself the best he can. I’m pretty sure he was thinking that someone was going to step in to take the battle over, rightfully so. He’s a scorer not a fighter. With that being said, he’s right, someone should’ve been there in a flash. Dubinsky would but he was tied up himself. Girardi should have stepped up. I don’t give a shit if he gets tossed and they go down 2 men. If something happens to Gabby the season is over. Bottom line.

    P.S. Carcillo’s a cunt

  • Jordan M. Alpert

    March 14. Flyers. Rangers. Madison Square Garden.

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