Stick Pierre between the benches for every game.

Hockey Sideline Reporters -- A Gift From God

Some bloggers have taken the position that hockey sideline (for lack of a better term) reporters, such as Pierre McGuire, are unnecessary and even obtrusive to the broadcast.  I could not disagree more. 

In football, the usefulness of sideline reporters is a just a half-step above a snowboard in Hawaii.  “So coach, how do you feel about your team being down 45-3 at the half?”  Or worse, not reporting on injuries or what’s actually happening on the sidelines.  But football is not hockey.  And the NFL is not the NFL.  The NHL does not have the seemingly arbitrary rules that corporatize the NFL.  Hockey seems more honest and open.  And that’s what makes hockey sideline reporters like McGuirre value-adders.  They sit between the benches and actually hear what’s being said in real time.  then they report on it in real time.  True value.  Avery said thatin response to Tucker goading him?  Callahan is doubled over in pain, but it’s not his leg like it appeared to be, it’s actually his ribs.  In the pregame skate the Rangers looked tight.  They do not ask coaches pointless obvious scripted questions.  They find out things that the viewers actually want to know.  What a concept! 

That said, they could be better used.  How about going into the stands during intermissions and asking fans their thoughts on the game.  Or asking what the crowd was jeering about/chanting, and why.  Or trying to get access to the dressing rooms.  Talk to the Zamboni guy about the ice.  What are the officials telling the players?  The list is, well, limitless.  Still, I’ll take Pierre McGuire or Dave Maloney any day.  Over no reporter.  And certainly over any football sideline reporter.

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