Drury: The Rangers heart, soul, and key to the future (sort of).

No Time Like The Present To Trade Drury

Chris Drury had a terrific Olympics.  Two goals, assists, and lots of key minutes on the PK and at the end of close games.  He proved wrong all his naysayers, all those people who criticized his Olympic selection.  This is why the Rangers should trade him by tomorrow’s deadline.  Drury’s value will never be higher.  Now, his value will never approximate the absurd contract the Rangers bestowed upon him (absurd even at the time he signed it).  But at least there is a chance they can get some sort of value in exchange.  Whatever the Rangers get back in terms of players or picks will pale in comparison to the value Drury brings to the Rangers.  But his contract is helping to saddle the team for years to come.  His return trade value is in providing cap space.  Someone must be sacrificed for the betterment of the team’s next 3-5 years.  We need to sign free agents and keep our young players.  Rozsival and Redden are virtually untradeable, as I blogged about previously, and which is about as obvious as saying that the Yankees are better than the Mets.  So the torch, sadly, falls to Drury.  He is a solid person by all accounts and a good captain.  But the best thing he can do for the team is get traded.

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  • Jason

    3 words: No Trade Clause

  • opie

    no it’s a no movement clause which means he can’t be cut sent to waivors or bought out until the end of the season

  • http://BlueLineStation.com Jordan M. Alpert

    And Drury could be the type of person that would not oppose a team’s wishes, especially if it meant a better situation for him. Granted, captain is a good situation, but 4th line center, not so much.

  • Jason

    From espn.com “Drury’s deal also includes a full no-move clause, meaning he can’t be traded without his consent or sent to the minor leagues. Agreeing to such terms is a shift in previous Rangers policy.”