Rangers "Streak" Continues With Drubbing Of Ottawa

If I’m Glen Sather I’m calling Bettman up and telling him that there should be an Olympic break every year, Gaborik injury be damned.  After a sluggish first period, the team exploded.  Love seeing the energy displayed by Callahan, Dubinsky, Avery, Gilroy, and Lisin especially. 

Callahan, who always plays like he’s trying to make the team, must have learned a ton from his more talented Olympic teammates.  That first goal would have made Patrick Kane proud.  Interestingly, he said after the game that what he learned at the Olympics was to consistently keep his speed and energy high.  Wow.  If there is one player in the league that I would have said this does not apply to (Ovechkin aside) it would have been Cally.  If he consistently plays at even a higher level, look out.  (Hopefully, he learned how to finish and drive to the net too — from last night’s action, he has.) 

Dubinsky played like a guy who felt slighted by the US selection committee.  He was not, he did not deserve to go, but I hope he felt he did and plays with a grudge on his shoulder.  He’s at this best when he does. 

Avery showed up and was around the puck all night.  Dumb to go after Cullen in the final seconds, but dumber by Cullen to take a needless run at Avery.  Those are the type of pointless plays that anger people and result in neanderthal plays the next time the teams meet.  Very strange coming from Cullen too.  He generally is better than that.

Gilroy is starting to get it — when to pressure, when not.  His defense seems adequate too.  Though hard to tell on the TV broadcast usually. 

Lisin, who was waived earlier in anticipation of the deadline today, played like a guy who either wants to get picked up or is pissed that he was waived, or both.  If he plays that well all the time — fast, creative, shooting — he will be on our third line, or maybe second, for the rest of the year. 

Heard Miller got a louder ovation that Crosby IN Pittsburgh last night.  Country before team.  Love it.

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