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Where In The World Is Sean Avery?

Before yesterday’s game, Eugene Markman, who writes the Flyers blog, and I were talking about Sean Avery.  Then lo and behold he gets his first healthy scratch of his Ranger career in a key game against Atlanta.  (Lisin took his place.)  I find this a shocking development. 

Avery has skill.  And passion.  Two things the Rangers sorely need more of.  But to be good, Avery needs to play with an edge.  Think Esa Tikkanen. 

Sadly, there’s no doubt that Avery has been neutered.  The season opened with the league showing its bias and cracking down on his every move.  If he spit on the ice he’d get an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.  But he adjusted.  The league did not.  So his play suffered (cause when he does not play with an edge he is not good) and he still was getting called for too many minors.  So what happens?  Torts cuts his minutes.  Avery’s production goes down even further, to the point that Torts finally scratches him. 

Avery should play more, not less.  At the very least, Shelley should watch from the GM’s box and Avery should be on the third line, with Prust back on the 4th. (It was a nice thought to give Prust 3rd line time, but come on Torts.  Get realistic.)  What is the deal Torts ?  You got Avery.  Let him be himself.  Unleash the beast.

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  • http://BroadStreetBuzz.com Eugene Markman

    What can I say, I hate the guy and it’s good to see the team struggle. But he does have the skill to play. His biggest problem is that his existence pisses off people across the league. Torts doesn’t like him, and Avery never will play a lot for Torts, unless of course there are injuries. As a Flyers fan, I know what you mean when the refs are completely biased, especially in favor of Crysby. Still, if Avery wants to play, he’s gotta work and prove his worth in the few minutes that he gets.

  • BJ

    I thought he was injured..


    Hell yes, Rangers need Avery now big time.
    He never gives 50% on important situations.

    Trade him to the Flyers for Hartnell
    Hartnell is more on his ass than on his skates!

  • DMAN

    I strongly agree. I love the Rangers, and I love Avery. And for the type of hockey the team needs to play in order to succeed, they need that one type of player… The type of guy who isn’t afraid to hit, who will fight for the puck and work or create the dirty areas. Avery this season got 4 pts in a game. The best game he’s ever had. You see he’s capable of doing it, so use it to your advantage. If he gets out of line or causes one bad minor to be called, you can always sit him. But to keep him as a scratch is unreasonable. Comparing Avery to team Captain Drury, they have the same amount of pts at 25. Drury has one game in hand compared to Avery but Drury has a disappointing -13 to his plus minus while Avery sits at a -3. So if one is playing on the top line at a -13 and a low point %, why isn’t someone at the same value to his team sitting in the press box?

  • http://BlueLineStation.com Jordan M. Alpert

    @BJ — Completely disagree. Avery gives his all when he’s playing his style. He just can’t seem to play even reasonably well when he’s not playing, shall we say, on the edge. That’s his fault, but Torts should recognize and let him loose — coach to player’s strengths, not what you want them to be all the time.

    @DMAN — completely agree. except that Drury’s -13 is a bit misleading cause of the quality of lines he’s playing against. Same reason why Staal’s +/- is worse then some lesser players. And Def a healthy scratch — they showed him in his pregame skate looking just fine (and they said he was too).

    @Markman — agree on that he needs to maximize his limited opps. And thank you for at least recognizing he has skill. Growth from a Flyer fan… Much appreciated.

  • http://fox crisco

    Any guy who still plays game while suffering ruptured spleen is a competitor. Avery probably will end up on Flyers eventually, much to Rangers’ regret. The guy is a lot like Bobby Clark, except he can’t score nearly so well. Few on present Rangers can put puck in net.

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