Need Help! 3 Homes Games Left — Which To Attend?

I was the “winning” bidder in an auction for two tickets to the Rangers-Islanders game on Wednesday.  (The auction benefited law students who want to do public interest work to help society.  Not as popular as abused dog rescues, or the Human Fund, but it’s something.)  Today the Rangers called to cancel the tickets, claiming the 3D cameras were being installed in those seats.  They offered 2 tickets (same seats I think) to the Toronto game instead.  Hmm.  Maybe.  Sounds like a bait-and-switch.  I was not paying what I bid for Leafs tickets.  Could be legit though – it is the first 3D game televised ever and all — so I’m reserving complete judgment.  Here’s the point, and why I need your help.  I’m thinking of asking the Rangers for 2 tickets to the Flyers game instead.  I’m not sure which to do.  Here’s the +/- for each game:

Leafs – Rangers still should be in the playoff hunt.  But the Leafs are one of the few teams actually worse than us…So we might win, in an bad game.  Is the Steven McDonald Extra Effort Award night.  Which I love.

Flyers – Next to last game of the season, so either we’ll be out of the race or will be a huge game.  Even if out of it, it’s the Flyers.  Always enjoyable (despite Carter’s injury).  Carcillo may have to fight.  Flyers will be fighting for seeding too.  Could be Blueshirts Off Our Back Night.  That’s something. 

Thoughts?  Should I ask for the Flyers or stay with the Leafs?  Or should I pocket the $ and watch them on TV?  And screw the lawyers….

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  • AMS

    The Rangers have lacked intensity and passion all year long, even now down the stretch when they need it. This has resulted in some rather dismal and depressing play. The one general exception to this rule has been rivalries. Thus, my vote is the Flyers game. It’s more likely to be an exiting game, even if they are out of the playoff hunt.

  • Jordan M. Alpert

    Good choice! That’s the game I picked. Love those rivalry games.

  • dtstan sirgutz

    go to none this team does not deserve support better off going to the ice capades at least they can akate if the garden is 1/2 empty maybe dolan will get the point somethings got to give