Torts Voted Worst Coach To Play For

ESPN polled 50 random NHL players.  (Statistically, all you need is 30 for an accurate sample size.)  18% of them voted Tortorella the last coach they’d want to play for.  That was almost double the percentage for second place.  This can’t be good for signing free agents, assuming we had cap space anyway.  And it definitely lends credence to the argument (certainly made by me previously) that his style is not suited for the young psyches on the team currently.  Good move Slats.

(I tried linking to the poll, but you need to be an ESPN Insider to access it.)

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  • dtsn sirgutz

    slats has gotta go enough already next year 9th yr of my boycott of msg missed lots of shit hockey watching this team is torture knicks damm shame they are decades away, from anything, two of the worst franchises in the history of sports ny great fans are being screwed without being kissed first

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