Staal celebrates his go-ahead goal. (Source: Antonelli/News)

Staal Shines In Defeat Of Islanders

The scariest part of last night’s game for me (after the first period of course) was thinking Staalwas going to dislocate his shoulder celebrating his goal.  He was dominant throughout the game defensively, and joined the offense a few times.  It’s amazing what he can do when he hits the net with his shot.  (See, I agree with Torts on at least one thing.)  The guy gets a tough wrap in NYC cause he’s had some moments of less than stellar play.  But that has to be expected.  First, he plays against the NHL’s elite wingers every night.  Second, he’s still young.  The guy is well on his way to being a lock down #1 defenseman.  May have to buy a Staal jersey soon. 

And got to love the recent call-ups.  Parenteau has shown remarkable vision (at least when compared to the rest of the talent-deprived team) and looked much quicker than his past stints -he looked like he belonged in the NHL.  Locke didn’t do much in his Ranger debut, but he certainly did not seem out of place.  (Maybe cause he’s actually younger than many of the Islanders.)  I don’t care about his size.  He’s third in the AHL in scoring.  Kariya, St. Louis, Callahan, etc. are all small.  Give the guy a chance.  We need any offense we can get. 

If I’m an Islanders fan I have to be disgusted at how my team has played the Rangers recently.  But also very happy with the growth of the squad overall, and especially at the talent level and drive of the team.  The Islanders certainly have more overall talent, speed, and dedication to winning than the Rangers.

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