A 4th Staal Brother In The NHL

The Canes have traded for Jared Staal, the youngest of the 4 hockey-playing Staal brothers.  They also signed him to a three year entry-level contract.  He now gets to play with big brother Eric.  Pretty freaking cool if you ask me.  What’s better than playing in the NHL with your brother, knowing that you have to prove yourself to stay, but do have a little bit of a safety cushion — Canes management will not be pissing off Eric any time soon.  On a related note, where does Marc end his career on the “Best Staal Brother” list?  I’d say as of now it can be any place — 1st through 4th.  I could see him besting Eric and even Jordan if his career plateaus.  Then again, Eric is a three-time all-star and Stanley Cup Champion and Jordan a Stanley Cup Champion and borderline elite center.  So he may be battling to keep his third place ranking.  Am I blinded by my feelings on Marc (that he could develop into a Beukeboom/Leetch hybrid, more toward the Beuk side)?  Is her really destined to be just a Greschner, not that there’s anything wrong with that.  What’s the Carol Alt equivalent these days?

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  • caniac

    growing up, when the 4 brothers would play on their backyard rink the teams were always oldest and youngest vs the 2 middleaged kids. these 2 have been playing together, literally, their whole life. that is definatly freakin cool.

  • tom reynolds

    if he became greshner i would be exstatic, greshner may have been the best all round defenceman that the rangers ever had. leetch was great offenseively and good defensively but gresh also stood up and fought anyone and hit alot more than him, and as a stick handler may have been best other than orr of his time. so if staal becomes greshner we will be lucky