Free Agency Day 2

More of the same so far. Nothing. Although…

Welcome to the table, Mr. Charles Wong and the New York Islanders. Someone just realized free agency started yesterday? That’s cute. The little kids want to play also.
So far they’re very active signing Milan Jurcina ($1M/1yr), Mark Eaton (their biggest signing at $5M/2yrs), Zenon Konopka (1 yr for who cares), and they took our lovely P.A. Parenteau ($600K/1yr).  Probably to replace their carbon copy of Parenteau, Rob Shremp. They’re just shootout skaters and useless for the other 60 minutes.

We’re officially the only team in the Atlantic Division to not sign a big name defender. I’m not saying I want us to sign a free agent defender. I want us to re-sign Marc Staal, and Dan Girardi. Let me quote Blueshirt Banter, because he puts it virtually perfect.

While Sather continues to snub Marc Staal—refusing to budge from his original 4 year 14 million dollar contract—he goes and throws a 4 year 6.6 million dollar contract at a man who hasn’t scored a goal in 222 NHL games. This coming right after Erik Christensen had to refuse a lowball contract from Sather, and hit the open market before Sather agreed to give him a two year 1.95 million dollar contract. So the logic is that Christensen, who will probably play on the top line with Marian Gaborik, basically makes the same amount of money in two years that Boogaard does in one. How do you think Christensen feels right now?

He goes on to say later…

He brings one thing and one thing only to the table, a “punch people in the face first, ask questions later” attitude. An attitude that the Rangers do need, but also had in Jody Shelly; and had at a much cheaper and shorter contract. The ideology that Boogaard should be paid anything near 1.65 million dollars for four years is ludicrous, and here is why.
For starters [Derek] Boogaard is not a hockey player. Fans who curse the name of Aaron Voros because he: “skates like he has weights in his skates and shoots like he has cement in his gloves,” should be aware that Boogaard (in terms of hockey skill) makes Voros look like Mario Lemieux.
Secondly, Tortorella doesn’t play the fourth line, and when he does they average 5 minutes a night. So while Sather low balled Staal, Dubinsky and Christensen—guys who play over or close to 15-20+ minutes a night—he goes out and throws all the cash he can muster at a guy who will play 5 minutes a night. Reports are that Edmonton was in on the Boogaard sweepstakes until “the money got silly.” I’m not making that up, that’s what Edmonton team officials actually said.

I don’t think there is anyone that does, but just in case…

For those of you that think that Boogaard is going to make a difference because he is going to be able to take the body and through his weight around for the Rangers now, please consider this. Tortorella has no patience for stupid penalties. Voros saw the bench most of the time he was playing for taking dumb penalties. So I say by game 3—if he lasts that long—Boogaard takes a cheap shot and is no longer in Tortorella’s favor, and thus never plays. And even if Boogaard prove himself to be useful, he will play 6-7 minutes a night, worth 1.65 million a year for the next 4 years? I didn’t think so.

I hate quoting another blog or site that much, but I literally could not have put it better myself. We all want to see Marc Staal back on this team, as well as Dubs and Cally next year. But if he keeps giving ludicrous amounts of money to 4th liners that wont put up points or get much playing time, how are we going to keep these players for a realistic amount of money.
I think its quite clear that Slats needs to take a class on accounting or he needs someone else to make his deals for him. Because obviously, he’ll never get fired.

I will also say this, it does seem as though, Marc Staal’s agent, Bobby Orr is being a bit nit-picky about the money. I understand dealing with Sather is like dealing with a retarded monkey who favors whatever he’s tasting at that moment, but I mean you’re really not that far off. I mean Staal was offered $14 million and he wants what, $16 million? Are we really going to bitch about $2 million? This is what annoys us as fans, that you’re whining over 1-2 million, sometimes even over a couple hundred thousand. I mean I get it, you just want your value as to compare with the rest of the league, but there’s a difference between being greedy and just be complacent on where you are. Not really proud on quoting Matthew Barnaby of all people, but watching TSN yesterday he himself even said he wish he took less money and stayed in Colorado where he was happy and had a good spot. If Staal’s not happy in NY, that makes sense, but he has a good gig. He’s on the top D-line in New York City. Most players would love that spot.
And believe me, I’m not siding with Sather. I’m just trying to say find some happy medium.


Also in the world of ex-Rangers (referring to Parenteau), Chris Higgins was signed by the Florida Panthers for a one-year deal worth $1.6 million. That’s fair. I probably still wouldn’t have given him that much, but it’s almost an decrease by 50% compared to his contract from yesteryear. They’ll give him one last shot, and a one-year deal does that. This is put up or shut up time for Higgins, and by shut up it means career over. As a fellow Long Islander, I wouldn’t want to see that happen.


Biggest dealings of the day at this point (5:20PM [ET]) are Pavel Kubina being signed and going back to the team that drafted him the Tampa Bay Lightning for a two-year dealing making $3.85 Million/year. I think he’s still got some left in the tank being 33. I’d like to see him finish of his career there, but I doubt a two-year deal reassures that. And so far, Stevie Y has been doing a bang up job down there in Tampa. I’m certainly pulling for him, but knowing that growing up I was a big Red Wings fan in the mid 90’s.

Also, Matthew Lombardi signed with the Nashville Predators for three years at $3.5 Million a year. This is a great signing for Music City knowing that they let Jason Arnott go. Lombardi is an awesome replacement with talent and young enough that he work with the team for years to come.

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