Rangers to Trade Gaborik for Kovy?

According to Bleacher Report (HA!), Glen Sather is seriously looking into trading Marian Gaborik to the Los Angeles Kings to make room to sign Ilya Kovalchuk. The rumor says that the Kings are willing to Justin Williams and two prospects for Gaborik. There was also talk of the Maple Leafs being interested in a trade but the validity of even that stretch can’t be made.  Before we even get into how utterly stupid this trade would be, especially considering we just signed Gaborik last offseason, lets attack look at who we’re dealing with here.

This is Bleacher Report, you’re lucky if these guys know what a decent rumor even looks like. These are the same guys that were excited about the Dan Girardi signing and think we should get rid of Marc Staal.
BR’s source of this particular rumor is Hockey Buzz’s writer, Eklund. The article started yesterday on Hockey Buzz’s website and then Bleacher Report got a hold of it so of course from there it spreads like wildfire. Eklund is shady enough on his own account. Many readers believe that Eklund, himself, creates these rumors to get views. All in all, he’s wrong a large majority of the time. Personally, I haven’t followed Eklund enough to develop an opinion on him, but I did a lot of research on this rumor, it’s sources, and its validity.

Now back to the rumor itself. Right off the bat, it sounds preposterous and usually, something that sounds that ridiculous, is really just that ridiculous. As a Ranger fan though, you’re weary, because its not like Glen Sather hasn’t performed crazy retarded acts before. So almost anything sounds like a possibility as long as you put Rangers in the title. It could read “Rangers Sign Gretzky Lindros Bure at End of Career”, oh yeah, it did… Case in point. Clearly, we’re prone to situations that just don’t apply to your normal hockey club.
Regardless, why would we go after someone who most of NY loves, is one of the few bright spots, is one of the only “rights” amid a cluster of “wrongs” in Sather’s repertoire, and who is probably a better overall player for Kovalchuk?  It just doesn’t make sense, almost no fans want to see this occur. When Gaborik is healthy, he can put up virtually the same numbers that Kovy can and seeing that he played 78 games last year (a lot of those hurt), I think he’s fine where he is. Not to mention the extra $1-3 million dollars extra that Kovalchuk will add to our salary cap (in comparison to Gaborik’s $7.5 hit) because he thinks he’s God’s gift to hockey.
Don’t get me wrong, if this were last year and both were free agents, and we had the ability to choose from both looking at them going into their respective free agencies, I’d rather us sign Kovy than Gaborik. I think most people would agree with me here, solely regarding the fact that Kovy is much less injury prone than Gaborik is. But now that we have Gaborik, I’m happy, this isn’t yesteryear, you can’t go by what if’s. We have Gaborik, we like him, we want to build develop around him.

Even if this rumor were true, which in high probability it is not, the situation itself is just not physically possible yet. Thanks to a reader on BR, Scott R, he posted and broke down why Kovy going anywhere other than NJ is just not possible at the moment, let alone “a deal made by the end of the night”.

If the NHLPA does not timely dispute and refer to the
Arbitrator such rejection in the manner set forth in Section 11.5(g) above (5 days), then
immediately upon the expiration of the time period within which the NHLPA may
dispute and refer to the Arbitrator such rejection, the SPC or Offer Sheet, as the
case may be, will be deemed null and void

As stated before it is NOT null and void yet. This is the same as fighting a suspension, the player can still play after being suspended if he is fighting it.
Here is how Kovy becomes UFA. ANY of these happen

A. NHLPA does not file, and the Devils don’t ask them to, after 5 days Kovy is UFA
B. If they do file, and after an arbitrator is selected, and they eventually lose, Kovy is UFA
C. NHLPA does file and Kovy decides he does not want to file, a reason could be this thing will be dragged out for weeks and Kovy will be in a flux,
not on a team, but can’t talk to other teams because he is technically signed to the Devils, then he is a UFA

-Scott R

This only goes to add to my statement the other day, don’t believe everything you read from Bleacher Report. And I’m not saying you do, I just hear it being quoted as a guidebook sometimes, when it clearly shouldn’t be.

We can only hope that this is one rumor that certainly is NOT true.

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