Frolov To Be A Ranger?

Many sources are coming out of the woodwork (most seem to stem from ESPN – which is a good thing) claiming that Alexander Frolov is very close to signing a deal with the New York Rangers. Supposedly, a deal will be worked out today, tomorrow, or very soon.

Frolov, who has always been a Los Angeles King up until this offseason, never received an offer from his previous team. Apparently, he contemplated returning to his home country, Russia, to play in the KHL, but clearly Glen Sather stopped that thought process.

You probably have heard it enough, but the main complaints of Frolov is his large inconsistency and his questionable will to play. Obviously he needs new scenery, but is NY the spot for that? I won’t lie that I have my reservations about this signing. I mean, I like Frolov… when he’s playing hockey.

Hopefully John Tortorella can turn him around, if he does become a Ranger, because I’d hate for us to sign Nikolai Zherdev 2.0.

Frolov’s stats via HockeyDB

*Update – Frolov signs this early afternoon for one year at $3M.

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  • Jordan M. Alpert

    Frolov signed for 1 year $3M. TSN reported rumors that he would sign for about $800K. What happened??? Sather. He’s got talent, at times, but that’s a lot of money for a shot in the dark. Especially with Staal unsigned. Guess Redden really is gone at least.

  • Mike Hirsch

    Yeah i agree Jordan. Thanks for the details too.
    Did you read my article btw on the defenders? His signings and free money spending kind of give the impression that both Redden and Rozsival are gone.

  • Jordan M. Alpert

    I did. Agree on Redden. Don’t on Rozi. He actually played pretty well (solid 2d pair) most of the season. And he is experienced, so that counts for something. I wouldn;t cringe if he was gone, but I do at the propect of MDZ, Gilroy, and another rookie all playing. That’s a lot of minutes to distribute to questionable players at this point. Maybe a mid-season Rozi trade if he plays well and team struggles.

  • Mike Hirsch

    Personally I don’t think Rozi will be traded. I have mixed feelings on whether I want it to happen or not. I lean towards yes MAINLY cause of his bloated contract.
    Not going to lie, I am a little excited about Frolov.