Season Over: Rangers Lose Series To Capitals 4-1

Some bounces didn’t go our way for sure. The refs also made multiple questionable decision, but ultimately, Pierre McGuire said it best. This Rangers team IS “headed in the right direction.” We were just beat by a team that is further along in their quest for the Stanley Cup than we are. As weird/obnoxious/creepy as Pierre McGuire is, that is the truth. This is not like the 2008-2009 playoff defeat to the Capitals, where we were left wondering when our veterans would stop underachieving and questioned where the future of this team was headed. This is simply the end of what is a new beginning. This was the first year of a new chapter in the New York Rangers’ franchise, and it’s only going up from here. The playoff loss is tough, but put it aside for a minute and put things into perspective.

We saw Henrik Lundqvist have the best season of his career.

We saw Derek Stepan, who at one point committed to a senior year with Wisconsin, instead putting up 21 goals in his rookie year.

We saw Michael Sauer and Ryan McDonagh, two defensemen who didn’t even start the year in our lineup, prove that they are quality NHL defensemen even as rookies.

We saw Ryan Callahan and Brandon Dubinsky step up as leaders on and off the ice.

We saw Brian Boyle and Brandon Prust score more goals this year than anyone could have predicted; more goals than they had combined in their careers prior.

We saw Artem Anisimov prove he is a future Selke candidate.

We saw this team step up in times of adversity, whether it was making up for an injured player or giving a big “F U” to the refs.

There is much work to be done in the offseason, but we shouldn’t be spending so much time dwelling on “what could have been” with this playoff series and should instead focus on how bright our future is. Congrats to Capitals Outsider on their victory and good luck to them the rest of the way. I know a lot of you guys walk away unimpressed with Capitals fans, who showed that their fan-base is pretty unoriginal, but the guys who write at Capitals Outsider are QUALITY bloggers, hockey fans, and people, so I wish them the best. Thanks to all of Blue Line Station’s readers, who welcomed me in my first season with Fansided, and helped set all-time highs in views for this blog. Thanks to James for coming aboard and bringing some much needed fire power and for being  a great side kick. Thanks to Frank at The Rat Trick and Adam and Zach Best, the co-founders of Fansided, for the work they put in this season. Stick with Blue Line Station throughout the offseason. We’ll bring you season recaps, player evaluations, prospect news, entry draft news, free agency news, trades, all of that good stuff that makes the offseason entertaining. For perhaps the first time ever, I’m incredibly excited about the direction that the Rangers are going. Don’t look back at the failures, look forward to the future! Many teams are jealous of where we stand right now!

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  • DMV Adam

    I see your comments about Capitals Fans as being unoriginal to be completely out of line and show how butt-sore your city and fans really are. The point of the matter is the Capitals were the better team in the series and by attacking an entire fan base it shows that you fear them. Although one could argue CAPS fans are bandwagonners this is completely untrue. I have been a capitals fan since 1996 when i was old enough to enjoy hockey. This is how teams gain a fan base, having a successful team. The immaturity of Rangers fans attacking the fan base of another team is disrespectful. I read numerous blogs and rather then attacking the fan base we attack what the team can help the play of both teams. I hope you rethinking how you walk away from this series and enjoy early exits from the playoffs, trust me as a CAPS fan i have been there. Until your team and fan-base matures you will have many future exits just as the Capitals have suffered.

  • Adam Herman

    A few things:

    1. The attacks are justified. I’ve been to the Verizon Center, and while the arena itself is unbelievable, many of the fans are less than stellar. Case and point: complaining about Sean Avery while a Dale Hunter banner hangs in the rafters. Or the fact that fans need a horn to blow in order to cheer. They even had to put “Can you hear us” on the jumbotron today, that’s pathetic. Fans across the league agreed with me, so I know it’s more than just me being “butt-hurt.” It’s GREAT that you’ve been a fan since 1996, and I mean that. The NHL is the best sports league in North America and people like you coming on board is great. But go around the Verizon Center and ask people who Petr Bondra is, or Rod Langway, or John Druce, and you’d be surprised how many are clueless.

    2. The Capitals are a great team, I acknowledged that fully. I predicted the Capitals to win the series, so it’s not about “fearing them.” Though with a different build, the Rangers want to get to where the Capitals are now. That being said, I don’t see how the fate of our hockey team relies on “our fan-base maturing.”

    3. Read my “About” page. I go to school in DC, and consider myself a resident of it, even though NY is my true home. This goes beyond me being upset that the Rangers lost. Being that I live in the city I have a pretty good barometer on what the sports-pulse is like, and I don’t like it. You get the feeling that if, for whatever reason, Ovechkin ever left, so would a large chunk of the attendance. I would like to see that culture change.

    4. As critical as I am of your fanbase, I’m very much critical of mine as well. I don’t discriminate whom I show my disdain for. Read some of my articles since January and you’ll see how quick I am to call out Rangers fans.

    Thanks for reading though, I wasn’t calling out individual Caps fans. For instance, the ones on Capitals Outsider are ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. And there are equally terrible Rangers fans. I’d like to see a culture change in the fanbase as a whole, though. The whole Pavlov’s Dog thing going on with the horn and jumbotron isn’t very impressive.

  • DMV Adam

    Just making sure that a young fan base as the Capitals have are not already the laughing stock in the league. We have been through a fire sale, the georgetown incident and numerous early exits. Other then that i thank the rangers fans for a great series, and Blue Line Station thanks for being a great blog its always nice to see the game from the other side of the bench

  • Adam Herman

    Oh you’re not the laughing stock of the league by any means. As much criticism as I have, I’ll take the passion of your fanbase, even if it can come with ignorance, over some other fanbases that sometimes act apathetic. Thanks for reading!

  • rob

    I agree that the officiating was questionable, but if you think the Caps received an advantage from it over the entirety of the series then you’re on drugs.

  • Adam Herman

    I didn’t say that. Also, I’m drug free haha.