Alex Ovechkin & Henrik Lundqvist congratulate each other for an exciting Stanley Cup Playoff series. (

Reactions To The Rangers/Caps Series, Other Notes

This Easter weekend will go down as one of the harsher ones for New York sports fans. Not only did our beloved Blueshirts get ousted by the Capitals in Game 5 on Saturday, but the Knicks lost to the Celtics in Game 4 of their series today thus being swept out of the playoffs. Interesting note, the Knicks have now gone a DECADE without a playoff victory. And Rangers fans think they have it bad sometimes?

Getting back to the team at hand, there’s one emotion you should be feeling towards your team after this hard fought series; Pride. Proud of the fact your team overcame adversity in every shape & form all season to make it to the playoffs where “anything can happen.” Proud of the fact that youngsters like Derek Stepan, Michael Sauer, & Ryan McDonagh gained valuable playoff experience that should aid in their development tremendously. Proud of the fact that Dan Girardi would block a freight train from colliding with a group of people by diving in front of it. All kidding aside, Girardi’s fearless play proved how tough he was in this series and what it truly means to not only be a Ranger but a hockey player as well.

But with the pride comes emptiness. The feeling knowing the series, if bounces went just ever so slightly a different way, should stll be going on…and maybe even in the Rangers favor. Staal’s failed clearing attempt in OT of Game 1. Gaborik & Lundqvist’s miscommunication in double OT of Game 4. All will live in Rangers’ fans minds until September and are now left to their own devices; a scary thought indeed.

There isn’t much left to be said that hasn’t already by beat writers, bloggers, experts, die-hards and Blue Line Station itself. In the end, the better team won. But, not without a fight. That’s the one thing you can take away from it all.


It’s been a fun ride here for me since I joined Blue Line Station in mid-March. Getting a chance to talk & write about the team I love most is truly an honor to me and I look forwards to the challenge of the covering the offseason here as it should be an active one. Adam Herman has done a tremendous job turning this blog into a unique and always-interesting place to turn to for Rangers news and I look forward to contributing to it moving forward.

We have a lot of things in store for you the readers to whet your appetite until training camp next year so make sure you make Blue Line Station a regular site in your Bookmarks folder to come back to.

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