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Toronto Broadcaster Fired For Comments On Sean Avery Debate

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Rogers Sportsnet cut ties with Damien Goddard, a host on Rogers Sportnet, after he tweeted his support for Todd Reynolds’ comments about being disappointed in Avery for supporting gay marriage. For those unfamiliar, the Rogers is one of the biggest communications companies in Canada, and more or less Ontario’s equivalent of Cablevision.

“I completely and whole-heartedly support Todd Reynolds and his support for the traditional and TRUE meaning of marriage.”

Apparently, Rogers Sportsnet almost immediately tweeted themselves that they didn’t support that notion. Today, they decided to fire him. For all of the people that have underplayed what Avery did, saying it was an “obvious endorsement” like endorsing finding a cure for cancer or anything that is universally supported, there seems to be a decent amount of disagreement, and between the reception that Todd Reynolds got as well as Rogers firing someone for having those feelings, it’s pretty clear that he’s sparked the debate and enhanced the movement.

What is it with Avery and the Toronto media? They just never seem to get along. Who can forget when Howard Berger invented Sean Avery’s comments about Jason Blake’s cancer?

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  • SC Guy

    Fired him for expressing his own personal views? Wow, whatever happened to the freedom of speech and religion? I guess they don’t believe in that up in Red Canada.

  • steven joseph rotolo

    I always find it irritating how some people completely misconstrue what freedom of speech is. Freedom of speech prevents the government from putting you in jail for expressing your opinion, and also prevents the government from censoring you. Freedom of speech DOES NOT compel an employer to keep you under their employ for writing stupid things on twitter. That would fall under corporate policy, so I would suggest that you carefully read your employee handbook before twittering away.

  • Adam Herman

    Well said, Steven.