What's In A Logo, Anyways?

The logo is what teams, organizations, and businesses use to identify their product, idea, business or franchise.

When I saw the New York Ranger’s logo in the Winter Classic 2012 patch, I wondered if this is the official NHL version, someone got it wrong.

In their franchise history, dating back to 1926-27, the Rangers have had six official logos.  I thought it would be interesting to take a look at those logos and see how they’ve changed to what is used today.

When the Rangers became one of the six original teams of the National Hockey League in 1926, they designed this logo (all Rangers logos courtesy of Chris Creamer’s sportslogos.net).

1926-1935 logo

During this period, the Rangers were Stanley Cup Champions twice, in 1928 and 1933.

In 1935 the design went through some revisions and was the primary logo until 1947. The Rangers were Stanley Cup Champions in 1940.

1935-1947 logo

The Rangers added a blue border to their logo that graced their uniform from 1947 until 1953.  No championships were won while this logo was worn.

1947-1953 logo

Follow me after the jump to see the further evolution of the NY Ranger’s logo.

The logo was further tweaked in 1953 with the lettering becoming larger and the removal of the blue border.The Stanley Cup championship drought continued while this logo was on the uniform.

1954-1968 logo

The team removed a bit of white space and tightened the font of the team name in their uniform logo worn from 1968 to 1978. Again, no championships.

1968-1978 logo

Finally, since the 1978-79 season, The New York Rangers have worn the logo you see here. To date, they’ve won one Stanley Cup in 1994.

Current logo originated during the 1978-79 season

During the mid-90’s the alternative jersey and logo became part of the scene in the National Hockey League.  The Rangers have two alternative logos that they have worn since 1996.

Statue of Liberty Logo





Modern Alternative Logo

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