Rangers Buyout Chris Drury (Updated)

What might be my final chance to display the image of Drury eating his pizza.

UPDATE: As expected, The Rangers made the move official today.


The New York Post’s Larry Brooks has informed us that, after all of the drama, the Rangers will finally buy out Chris Drury today (June 29th). While it is technically not official yet, we can all but consider it to be. Brooks included a statement from Drury, who essentially confirms his departure, so unless Brooks intentionally fabricated comments and opened up the possibility of a lawsuit, it’s safe to say the the move will be made. Keep reading to see what Drury had to say as well as my final thoughts on him:

Here is what Chris Drury had to say, via e-mail:

It was a great honor and privilege to be a New York Ranger for the past four years, and I will always be grateful for the opportunity to fulfill that childhood dream,” Drury said in a statement that was sent to The Post by e-mail. “The Rangers are a first-class organization with great people in the hockey, public relations, team services and community relations departments.

“I would also like to thank Ranger fans. They always inspired me to do the best I could in whatever role I was asked to play. Playing before them in the Garden was a thrill of a lifetime. I wish all the fans and the entire Ranger organization the best of luck in the future.

As I’ve said before, it’s great that Drury and the Rangers can end things on relatively good terms. Drury grew up a Rangers fan and truly cared about the success of this team. For many people, his contract will be the first thing that comes to mind when remembering Drury. For me, however, it will be about his attitude while wearing the jersey. We’ve seen so many athletes come to New York to live a great lifestyle and ride a generous paycheck while giving a half-assed effort athletically. Drury could have easily done that with the contract Glen Sather gave him, but instead he did everything his body allowed him to do in order to help this team get as far as it could. Even if that meant playing in the playoffs with a broken wrist. Even if that meant putting away his ego and playing 4th line minutes. Even if that meant spending a whole season rehabbing just to play one final game at the end of the regular season and score a clutch goal.

And this is something we sometimes forget as fans. An athlete’s quantitative performance during a specific game, season, or over his whole career career can only be as great as his body allows it to be, but one thing that he is in complete and absolute control over is his attitude and character. Chris Drury didn’t earn the contract hewas given, but make no mistake about it. This is a team and a city that many athletes take for granted, but Chris Drury showed the younger players in this organization what it truly means to be a New York Ranger and how to carry themselves on and off the ice. And while Chris Drury might not be the one physically lifting the Stanley Cup in New York City, if Ryan Callahan or Brandon Dubinsky or Derek Stepan is ever holding the Stanley Cup in a Rangers uniform then Captain Clutch will be deserving of much credit.

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