Anisimov follows Mike Sauer on a productive day for the Rangers' brass (

Two Down, Three To Go: Rangers Re-Sign Artem Anisimov (UPDATED)

Well, when we touched upon the prospect of further RFA signings in this morning’s post regarding the Michael Sauer re-signing, we didn’t quite think it would be so soon.

Artem Anisimov has joined Sauer as the second RFA to put pen to paper today, agreeing to as-yet unknown terms this afternoon. As the only one of five RFA’s not to be eligible for salary arbitration this summer, Anisimov is an important re-signing given he remained vulnerable to an offer sheet from another team.

Anisimov enjoyed a strong season in 2010/11, posting 18 goals and 44 points while playing largely between fellow RFA’s Brandon Dubinsky and Ryan Callahan. Judging by today’s pace, expect those re-signings within the next few hours (!).

As mentioned before the jump, getting Anisimov re-signed and locked down as quickly as possible was extremely important as it gets him off the market and away from the possibilities of an offer sheet. With so many teams pushing to reach the cap floor, it wouldn’t have been out of the realm of possibility to expect one either. Anisimov has continued to grow on both sides of the puck over the past couple of seasons, and though as Ranger fans we’ve sometimes been all too quick to underrate his importance, there’s no denying how much of a relief it is to have him locked up again. Terms are at this point unknown, though it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect a multi-year deal in the region of $1.6-2m per year.

A productive day continues…

UPDATE – Andrew Gross confirms Anisimov’s figures as two years, $1.875m per season.

Anisimov’s contract for $1.875 per season. Two-year deal.

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  • joebertino

    Yes, finally a NYR blog! Hey Alex, Joe from Livefyre here. I’m a member of the community management team at LF, but I’m also a die hard Rangers fan (In ’94 I was at game 7 against the Devils screaming “Matteau” at the top of my lungs).

    Thanks for clarifying Anisimov’s contact. I couldn’t find this information anywhere else. Of course I want the Callahan and Dubinsky contacts wrapped up soon, but I think Sather needed to get the others signed before focusing all his energy on locking up our two core players to long term deals.

    With the additional of Richards and Rupp, I’m really excited for training camp to see which players gel together. I haven’t been this excited for the start of a season in a long time.

    You’ll see me here a bunch and ‘m looking forward to meeting the rest of the community. Cheers.

  • Alex Nunn

    Hey Joe, thanks for the comment.

    I agree completely in terms of looking forward to next season. I’ll be in Stockholm for the first two games and I’m really looking forward to seeing how things gel with Richards in particular. It’s nice to see such limited turnover too, at least to this point.

    I’m not particularly sure Sather prioritised any contracts over others as I think we all expected Dubi and Cally’s to be the ones that would drag on the longest. Interesting enough, I think Boyle’s could be just as interesting given the seasons he’s had. I almost wonder – if it gets to arbitration – whether Sather would walk away from an award he deems too high. Rupp would at least ease that blow if it came to it, but I’m not saying it will.

  • joebertino

    @Alex Nunn Yeah, great point. I hate to say it, and I hope I’m wrong, but the year Boyle had was a bit of a misnomer. I think Rupp will fill in nicely either way.

    I’m really jealous that you’ll be in Stockholm. So awesome. Make sure to bust out your Lundqvist jersey.

  • Alex Nunn

    @joebertino Exactly. It’s tough to expect Boyle to produce to anywhere near that level again, particularly as he played elevated minutes last season. Everything he touched went in over the space of a month; I wouldn’t expect him to repeat that but he my be paid as if he will. Should be interesting either way.