Look for Boyle to slot in as the team's 3rd line center next season (Hockey Journal).

Rangers Sign Brian Boyle To Three Year Deal (UPDATED)

Update: NY Post’s Larry Brooks has chimed in and states that Boyle has signed a 3 year, $5.1M deal total, or 1.7M cap hit each year. Definitely a reasonable contract and if Boyle can play over the next three years like he did this past season then it’s a bargain, if not a steal, for the Rangers.

Per Andrew Gross, the New York Rangers have signed restricted free agent Brian Boyle to a three year deal. No news about the money he will be making has been released yet.

Three years is a commitment to a guy who has had one solid NHL season, but we need to also understand that there are virtually no risk-free contracts in the NHL. Obviously, the reaction to this deal will heavily rely on the money he will be making, but we have no reason to expect it to be anything outrageous. Getting Boyle signed now is good news because it means that Sather can zoom in on Callahan and Dubinsky and work towards getting them signed. Getting Boyle under contract also gives Sather a better idea of how much cap space he has left to work with and what he wants to do with it.

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