Rangers Seeking One-Year Deal For Dubinsky At Arbitration Hearing

Rangers, Dubinsky headed for arbitration today

The New York Post’s Larry Brooks has this morning confirmed that the Rangers have elected to go for a one-year salary award at today’s arbitration hearing with Brandon Dubinsky. It’s the logical choice given Dubinsky would still be a restricted free-agent at the end of a single-year contract, something he wouldn’t be after a two-year deal.

Brooks has the Rangers and Dubinsky requesting $2.8m and $4.6m in annual salary respectively, so if the trend of arbitrators splitting the difference continues then we can expect Dubinsky to receive somewhere in the region of $3.7m on next seasons deal. Likelihood has him pushing a little higher toward the $4m mark though.

The requests, as Brooks says, are strategically placed. Dubinsky requests higher and the Rangers request lower knowing that the arbitrator is likely to split the award down the middle. After all, if you don’t ask you don’t get.

Brooks does however anticipate an edge toward Dubinsky’s camp in terms of a split on the award;

Both sides expect Dubinsky, who will still owe one more season to the Rangers as a restricted free agent at the conclusion of this year, to gain an arbitration-directed salary of between $3.8 million and $4.4 million.

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