VIDEO: A Little Sean Avery With Your Morning Coffee

I should have posted this in the article about Sean Avery’s arrest for shoving a cop but it sadly slipped my mind. Here’s a project I did a few years back, detailing Sean Avery’s career up until that point. The man has certainly done enough things to agitate people.



Let me know what you think!

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  • Writing_It_All

    I don’t feel there is a connection between the fact that Avery’s game on the ice is about trying to get into the opponents psyche and be a distraction has any relationship to his recent arrest for allegedly (innocent until proven guilty) pushing a cop—-which is a misdemeanor.

    Think about it a second. The US ALWAYS tries cases (at any level) in the press while in the UK and Canada press coverage cannot happen until after there has been a disposition reached in the case.

    Why do you appear to believe that Avery has done something wrong? Police officers are just the most honest and ethical of professions? Police never instigate any trouble with citizens?

    Glad you did leave out the video originally–there is no connection, James.

  • JamesWrabel9

    @Writing_It_All The point of the video is that Sean Avery is/will always be known for his acts rather than what he can do as a hockey player.

    As for your justice comment, I go by what’s reported. I don’t know the truth and neither do you. So attacking me for what’s already been reported will get you nowhere.

  • katielolson

    This is such a great piece!It’s upsetting how much Avery has taken to the “agitator” title he’s given – on the ice and in his life. He really has so much more to offer. When Sean Avery is being a hockey player, rather than a flimsy guy out there throwing his body around taking bad penalties, He’s one of my favorite players to watch, because he’s sly and get gets the job done. There was a point a couple years ago when our record with Avery and our record without Avery skewed heavily to the side of needing him in our lineup.I just want to see him continue to be that awesome player. I don’t want to hear about anything else, so I’m glad this was posted and not another story about this little problem last week. Avery is a hockey player and if he takes it seriously and as a result is an important part of our core, that’s all we fans should need.

  • JamesWrabel9

    @katielolson Avery has to toe a fine line with his agitation. But if he keeps it in line and plays hockey long with it he’s very effective. Just have to see what this arrest does for his status with the team.