If it results in masterpieces like this, then I hope the new tattoo parlor is an economic success (The Hockey News).

Here's Something New: The Islanders Have Decided To Embarrass Themselves

When it comes to all-around incompetence, Jim Dolan has nothing on Charles Wang (CBC).

Here’s yet another reminder that, for all of the BS that Jim Dolan puts Rangers fans through, it could be much worse. We here at Blue Line Station hate the Devils and Flyers as much as any Rangers fan, but we do have respect for the way their managements act, both in terms of building towards winning a Stanley Cup as well as how the franchises as a whole are run on the ice and off. The Islanders are a whole different story. It’s one thing to lose. It’s another to become an embarrassment. There’s the fact that the Islanders were paying Alexei Yashin more money last year to NOT play for them than anyone on their roster received. There’s the 15 year contract for Dipietro and the numerous assertions that he was healthy, only for him to hit the IR again not too long after getting back on the ice. There was the season where the Islanders changed their goal song seemingly every night in a desperate attempt to find something that the fans could tolerate, with failed attempts to create a new song and eventually resorting to Nickelback. Yes. Nickelback. There’s the whole Neil Smith drama that led to Charles Wang resorting to making his backup goaltender General Manager of the team. And then there was the Chris Botta issue last year that resulted in hockey media all over the continent featuring stories about the circus being ran in Uniondale. And that only scratches the surface of the issues the Islanders have had in the last 15 or so years.

So with that in mind, what better way for the Islanders to kick off the 2011-2012 campaign by embarrassing themselves further? You see, starting this season, the Islanders will be official partners with…

a tattoo parlor! Yes! Because nothing goes hand-in-hand like hockey and tattoos. What’s next? Putting a tattoo shop in Nassau Coliseum?


Oh shit, they are actually doing that.

You can’t make this stuff up. Apparently the Islanders’ marketing team decided that, since all other demographics seem to be disinterested in going to an Islanders game, perhaps they’ll have a breakthrough by targeting bikers and Slipknot fans. The Islanders have struck up a partnership with  Tattoo Lou’s and will be inserting a new shop owned by them into the arena. The idea must be that, instead of leaving the arena altogether once the Islanders are getting blown out, fans can instead just skip the 3rd period and get a tattoo! You can apparently get any tattoo (or piercing) there that you’d be able to get at a usual tattoo parlor, which implies that the Islanders will sacrifice their dignity and allow you to get nipple piercings and swastikas or even (gasp) a Rangers logo tattooed on you inside their own arena, as long as it gets them money. Why stop there, though? There’s so much empty

space in the parking lot. Why not use some of it to build a strip club?


According to sources (AKA my imagination) here’s the Islanders’ official sales pitch regarding the newly added tattoo parlor:

“The New York Islanders: We’ve been scarring you emotionally. Now let us do it physically.”

















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