Ryan Callahan received his new 'C'-emblazoned jersey during a visit to MSG yesterday (NY Rangers)

BlueLINES For BlueSHIRTS! September 13th: Capt Callahan Shows Off His 'C'

Looks good, right?

New Rangers captain Ryan Callahan received his new jersey, complete with its ‘C’, during a stop off at Madison Square Garden yesterday afternoon. Callahan and several other Rangers were there to check out the Garden’s on-going transformation.

Callahan was, unsurprisingly to most, named the Rangers 26th captain in team history yesterday. Personal opinion: I love it. Cally’s a leader, a heart and soul kind of guy and someone that has the respect of both his team-mates and opposition players on the ice. Sure, he doesn’t need the ‘C’ to define that nor will it change how he plays out there, but it’s deserved recognition nonetheless.

On the ice, the Rangers prospects return to action in Traverse City this afternoon (3PM EST) against the Carolina Hurricanes. No matter what happens, due to tie breakers over Dallas and St. Louis, the Rangers are already through to the tournament final tomorrow. That said, the young Blueshirts certainly won’t be treating this as a dead rubber.

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NHL.com takes a look at US-born NHL captains. Ryan Callahan is just the 37th American to captain an NHL team, but only one of four to have led a team from their home state. [NHL.com]

ESPN applauds the Rangers continued homegrown youth movement and talks about their possible future cup contention. [ESPN]

Jess Rubenstein writes about the WHL’s ‘Seven Point Plan’ toward reducing head shots and concussions as all 22 general managers and coaches prepare to meet in Calgary today. [The Prospect Park]

‘The Suit’ discusses potential NHL poster-boy replacements for the absent Sidney Crosby. Henrik Lundqvist? Yup, there’s my vote. [Blue Seat Blogs]

SB Nation previews the Rangers upcoming season ahead of training camp. [SB Nation]

And finally, fellow gamers, Blueshirt Banter’s Bryan Winters has posted an excellent breakdown of NHL 12 this morning. What’s that, you’re not a gamer? Get out. [Blueshirt Banter]




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