If a team with tons of forward depth like the Canucks have sees a use for Dale Weise, then I don't see why the Rangers didn't (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images).

Canucks Claim Dale Weise, Highlighting Roster Mismanagement

In order to send Dale Weise down to the AHL, the Rangers needed to have Dale Weise clear waivers. Instead, the Vancouver Canucks decided to claim him. Now, Weise is not a player that the Rangers fans will look back five years from now and regret losing. That being said, losing him was unnecessary.

While Weise didn’t play himself into a spot on the top-12, he did have a solid pre-season and could clearly be a serviceable fourth liner winger. The Rangers opted to only carry 13 forwards on the roster, but what harm would it have been to make it 14 and keep Weise? The Rangers will start the season with about three million dollars in cap space, and Weise would only lower that total by $600K. What good is having extra roster spots and cap room if it’s not being utilized? Instead, the Rangers risked losing him to waivers, and ultimately did watch him get claimed.

Management has been a lot better with their decisions recently compared to even 3 years ago, and Weise is no huge loss, but I still do not understand the thinking here. He’s not a player that would have benefited much from another season in the AHL and I do not see how we are better off without him than with him as a healthy scratch to start the season.

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