NHL Realignment To Be Decided Today?

This from Bob McKenzie today:

There is a reasonable chance, if all goes well, that NHL realignment will be concluded by day’s end.

It’s been discussed by many hockey outlets, including myself, for quite some time now and today could be the final resolution. A plethora of realignment proposals have been evaluated but the picture below is the latest proposition by the NHL that is currently being reviewed.

The Eastern/Western Conferences are eliminated and replaced with four seperate “Conferences,” giving a retro feel harkening back to the days of the Patrick, Smythe, Adams, and Norris divisions. The intriguing aspect of this plan is, aside from Winnipeg moving to its rightful place, no team is added to the Eastern time zone. It’s been widely rumored that either the Detroit Red Wings, Columbus Blue Jackets, or Nashville Predators would move east for geographic reasons, making travel on their team easier. The full plan is explained here.

Leave your comments below. What do you think of this radical plan?

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