Awful Teammate Sean Avery Comes To Defense Of Anisimov

Some people just want to watch the world burn...

If you weren’t watching the game live then surely you’ve already seen Artem Anisimov’s celebration which irked Vincent Lecavalier and Tampa Bay Lightning. Larry Brooks spoke to locker room cancer and awful human being Sean Avery about the incident.

Before Tortorella spoke, Sean Avery told The Post that it would be wrong for anyone who hasn’t played in the NHL to judge Anisimov.

“Unless you have played a game in the NHL, nobody should have an opinion on what Artie did,” Avery said. “It’s not for anyone else to say what ‘the code’ is or isn’t.

“We’ll deal with that in here as a club. That’s not why we lost the game.”

He attempts to defuse the situation and insists on keeping it an internal discussion instead of making his thoughts on a team matter public. And on top of that, he sticks up for his teammate and refuses to make him a scapegoat for the team’s loss.

But remember, his teammates hate him and he’s a locker room disaster. And he tried to kill Jason Blake, or something.


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