Some Great Food At The WInter Classic

I got pretty hungry reading this article on about the food that will be served at the winter classic.

Apparently the Executive chef at Citizens Bank Park will be making some amazing dishes for the Winter Classic such as hot sandwiches, soups, and other “comfort foods”. I can imagine there will be plenty of hot chocolate to go around as it will probably be pretty cold sitting outside for long stretches of time. The specialty soups they will have are a tomato or chicken bisque, a cannelloni bean, and a tuscan kalene. If I was at the game i’d be grabbing the soup instantly. The soups also come with panini sandwiches. They also will be serving a Broad Street Breakfast sandwich.

I’m disappointed though because nowhere in the article did they mention a Philly cheese steaks. I mean that’s supposed to be the best thing about Philadelphia right? I’d be pretty surprised if they don’t have some cheese steaks at the game though.

They’re also going to have some great things on the dessert menu. They’re going to have S’mores, warm apple pie, and a tasty cake bread pudding. They will also have cupcakes decorated in Flyers orange vanilla. Personally I’d stay way from that Rangers fans. Could be toxic (Just kidding).

Well this certainly won’t be your run of the mill hockey game, at least from a food standpoint. You can read the full article on here.

Be sure to follow me on twitter @Matt_J1. P.S. I’m jealous of anyone going to this game.

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