Wojtek Wolski Can Help With Secondary Scoring

Wojtek Wolski Can Only Help The Rangers

There has been some grumbling recently that the Rangers are not getting enough production from some of their forwards. This is all true. While some people are calling for trades to be made, I would first like to see the scoring issues be solved internally if possible. Now this brings us to Wojtek Wolski. The poor guy only played in six games this year but with each game he played he started looking better and better. His two-way play was greatly improved which was a big cause of concern among people.

Because of his groin injury Wojtek Wolski has been forgotten by many Rangers fans including myself at times during the course of the year. But I don’t think people have given Wolski a fair shot this year. Six games isn’t enough to make a conclusion about a player. People need to let Wolski prove his worth and I think he will do just that.

Read more to hear why I think Wolski can help the team. 

Wolski has a lot of assets as a player. He’s got great hands, great speed, and pretty good passing. The way I think of Wolski is he’s a band aid in the lineup for the time being. His spot next year is far from guaranteed and I doubt he’s a Ranger next year, due to some prospects coming up (Kreider?). But for the time being he can bring some good secondary scoring to an offense that is struggling. He’s the type of player teams trade for at the deadline to add some offense to their club. Examples of these players are Nik Antropov, Nikolay Zherdev, Brad Boyes, and Kris Versteeg (Until this year). Those guys can look like superstars on any given night but don’t do the little things to stay with a team for very long.

Adding Wolski into the lineup also adds some balance into the lineup. Wolski on a third line with Dubinsky and Mitchell could bring some scoring as well as a little bit of reliability on defense. That would really spread the lineup out as well as put Fedotenko, Prust, and Boyle where they belong in the lineup. Tortorella may be opposed to those lines because it then makes the lineup not as interchangeable as he likes it, and we all know sometimes he likes slot machine lines.

There is little to no reason not to give Wolski another chance at cracking the lineup. He poses no threat to the lineup as the person that would be scratched in place of him would most likely be Mike Rupp. If Wolski is still the same as he was last year then I would say fine let’s look for a decent player on the open market. But I bet if you were to look through the open market right now you wouldn’t be too pleased with what you find. I even bet Wolski is a better option than more than 75% of players that are being shopped.

Well there’s my two cents on Wolski. Hope you enjoyed reading. Be sure to follow me on twitter @Matt_J1.

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