Did Rene Bourque Lay A Headshot On Carl Hagelin Last Night?

You be the judge.

On the play, a Canadiens defender trips Hagelin, causing him to lunge forward, putting him in a vulnerable position. Bourque, seeing this, doesn’t let up, deciding to finish the play. From the camera angles in this video, you can’t definitively tell whether Bourque made Hagelin’s head the principal point of contact, but it sure looks like he doesn’t make an effort to make it a full-body check, as well.

Bourque leads with his elbow, not his shoulder, in finishing his check. Hagelin doesn’t change the position of his head prior to or simultaneously with the hit. It’s a dangerous play because its right along the boards, and Hagelin falls awkwardly into them.

Keep in mind the refs deemed it a legal check, there were no penalties on the play, and most importantly Hagelin wasn’t injured on the play. If I sound like Brendan Shanahan analyzing the video, it was intended. And probably did a better job explaining it then he would.

In my opinion, since Bourque is not only a repeat offender but also fresh off a 5-game suspension for an illegal hit on Nicklas Backstrom of the Capitals, I think he’ll get 2/3 games for this incident.

Leave your comments below…do you agree with me? Disagree entirely? Let us know!

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