Let's Watch Marian Gaborik Score On Henrik Lundqvist And Do "The Anisimov"

We’re only halfway through the NHL All-Star Game in Ottawa but we’ve probably seen the best moment of the day, at least from a Rangers’ perspective. The Gaborik-Lundqvist battle was one that was moderately hyped up by the fans as well as Gabby and Henrik themselves. Gaborik put two past Henrik, and his celebration of the first goal seemed a little familiar.

John Tortorella humorously claimed that he was going to fine Gaborik $1,000 for the move. I also wonder how Steve Stamkos, who very seriously told the media he would “remember” Anisimov’s celebration the next time the two teams played, reacted to seeing Gaborik pull it off. I’m sure he was able to see the humour in it. Overall, it was a funny moment and one that definitely added to the entertainment of the weekend.

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