Apr 7 2012; New York, NY, USA; New York Rangers left wing Carl Hagelin (62) carries the puck during the second period against the Washington Capitals at Madison Square Garden. Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

Carl Hagelin To Have Hearing Today, And My Thoughts On A Possible Suspension

Not really a shocker here but Carl Hagelin will have a hearing today about his hit on fellow Swede Daniel Alfredsson. Hagelin definitely came up high with his elbow, and caught Alfredsson in the face. Was it on purpose? No. Alfredsson ducked down a bit, and Hagelin being careless and reckless hit him high. This was not intentional by any stretch.

The whole thing that’s messed up about this is that Alfredsson unfortunately did not return for the game. That’s not only bad for him and the Senators, but that’s bad for Hagelin as well. Sadly, that will factor into Brendan Shannahan’s decision on whether or not to suspend Hagelin. Shanny is a big fan of not suspending players when the other player is fine or returned to the game later. He is a fan of suspending players if the opposing player suffered an injury.

I would have a huge problem if Hagelin was suspended and let me tell you why. In Game 1 of the Detroit-Nashville series Shea Weber did a WWE style move on Henrik Zetterberh and smashed his face into the glass. What did Weber get you might ask? A $2,500 fine. He has that under his couch I bet. At least what Hagelin did was a hockey play. Shea Weber did something you would see out of the movie Fight Club. Now that Shanny has set the bench mark so high for what you have to do to get suspended, It’d be a crying shame if Hagelin were to be suspended.

Also John Tortorella said:

“if we lose Hagelin for a game or two, they should lose Phillips for a game or two”

No kidding right? What Chris Phillips did was just as bad as what Hagelin did but the difference to the league will be Callahan was fine after the hit. I wouldn’t be shocked if Phillips didn’t have a hearing about the hit. It really would not surprise me. The league only cares about injury, and not the potential for injury.

I rest my case and be sure to follow me on twitter @Matt_J1.

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