New York Rangers Draft Bust Hugh Jessiman Signs With Ottawa Senators

Finally! I am rid of the uselessness that is Hugh Jessiman.  I thought I was granted a reprieve back in 2009 when the Milwaukee Admirals picked him up from the Hartford Wolfpack.  But my joy was short lived when Jessiman found himself on the Abbotsford Heat this past season.  While it was only 24 games, I was not a happy Calgary Flames fan.  But now?

Hugh Jessiman has taken his talents to the Ottawa Senators for the 2012-2013 season.  The former first round draft of the New York Rangers, from the 2003 All Star Draft Class, Jessiman has been labeled as the least successful member of that draft class with only 13 NHL games to his name.  However it should be noted, last season when he split time between the Heat and the Lake Erie Monsters, he racked up 27 goals.  Not the stats of a first round draft pick but still nothing to complain about.  27 goals is 27 moments where he could have made or break the season.

That being said, I am shocked that Jessiman has been picked up by an NHL team.  I can’t imagine him playing a full season with the Ottawa Senators but who knows, stranger things have happened.

For those of you who have blanked on the 2003 Draft, the New York Rangers picked 12th overall.  Players the Rangers could have selected instead of Jessiman in the first round:

I stopped after the first round because I could go on for another 100 names of successful players in that draft class.  Whatever happened that season that made Jessiman a stand out to the Rangers scouting team didn’t translate over for the Wolfpack and is unfortunate.  May he have luck in Ottawa, or at least continue supplying us with some awesome fights.

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