New York Rangers defensemen Ryan McDonagh chasing down what could have been a teammate had the Montreal Canadiens not found him useless. Mandatory Credit: Jean-Yves Ahern-US PRESSWIR

A Look At The New York Rangers's Roster: Ryan McDonagh

Where do I send the thank you cookies for New York Rangers most valuable defensemen, Ryan McDonagh?  McDonagh arrived in NYC after the Montreal Canadiens decided to trade his rights in a quest to acquire Scott Gomez, Tom Pyatt, and Michael Busto.  We all know the fate of Gomez, there’s no need to rehash the past few season, I’ll just pause for the laughs–

Good?  Okay.

Look there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind, the New York Rangers won that trade and the team is in the position they are because of McDonagh’s skills in defense.  The young defensemen has one more season left on his entry level contract and at $1.3 million, he’s a steal.  In his past two seasons, all he’s done is grow, his future is only looking up.  Despite the bench being defense heavy, McDonagh is called upon game after game to  help the New York Rangers.  His offensive skills have developed exactly how the the scouts saw him, “a skilled offensive defenseman with the skill to rush the puck”.   They also note him as a strong player in the corners and a risky decision maker in the offensive zone.  But really, overall, McDonagh is a hard hitting, hard nosed defensemen that ends up helping the New York Rangers far more than any offensive error could hurt them.

At the end of the 2012-2013 season, McDonagh becomes a RFA and you can bet the New York Rangers will be sending a very lucrative offer sheet his way if his play continues to move along.  The Rangers could have McDonagh sit on the bench and learn from watching, they could have also kept him in the Whale for a bit longer, but instead they chose to make him part of the core.  The Rangers will go far with him, here’s hoping he keeps growing, scoring, and shot blocking.

Lets Go Rangers!

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