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Making Sense Of The NHL Hiring a Focus Group

In case you didn’t know, the NHL hired a focus group to try to get the fans back on their side. A group of 30 NHL fans were surveyed and paid $100 to answer some questions and provide some comments about the lockout. The man who headed this focus group is Frank Luntz, who happens to be the Republican party chief strategist.

Instead of me explaining the rest of it I highly suggest you read this article courtesy of Deadspin.

Now that you hopefully read the article I will share my thoughts on how dumb the NHL is.

First off, the NHL is spending their own money to win the public relations battle against the players. Let’s be honest here, no one really cares anymore. The fans just want on a season. They don’t really care about the who did what to who anymore.

Not to mention this is time being wasted. The NHL is using time with a focus group when they could be using that same time to argue with the players. They’ve already cancelled a chunk of games and are likely to cancel more this week. What on earth makes Gary Bettman think that if he can spin the way he says the season is lost he can change the fans opinions? Bottom line is, any bad news Bettman and the league bring is bad news. The league truly thinks us fans are a bunch of idiots and don’t really know what’s going on.

If the NHL really cared about the fans they’d bridge the gap with the players and get a deal done. This isn’t 2004-05 and the solution isn’t that hard to come by. The players and owners just need to come up with 50-50 split with a revised revenue sharing agreement. It isn’t that hard. The players get the revenue sharing they want, owners get to even out the HRR.

In the spirit of CBA negotiations, here’s a video of Phil Leotardo of the Sopranos talking about “compromise”. (Warning: video is NSFW)

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