NHL Cancels Games Through December 30th. Season Next?

The NHL and your “canceler in chief” (commissioner) Gary Bettman have cancelled all the games through December 30th.

The NHL and NHLPA have to cut a deal and fast. Most likely the whole season will be cancelled the next time around. Most likely all the games will be cancelled anytime from December 26th to January 11th.

In spite of everything that happened last I do believe both sides are as close to a deal as they ever have been. It’s all a bunch of mind games and posturing on both sides. The NHLPA are trying to milk this thing for all it’s worth, and the NHL is still trying to say this is the best your going to do.

It’s also hard because if the NHL sees the players want to make a deal more than they do, they’ll try even harder to cut out what the players want.

If both sides get their act together we’ll have a deal soon. If there is no hockey this year I think there are going to have to be major changes. Maybe some teams will break off and form a new league or something.

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