May 25, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; New York Rangers forward Derek Stepan (21) faces off against Boston Bruins forward Chris Kelly (23) in game five of the second round of the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs at TD Garden. Mandatory Credit: Michael Ivins-USA TODAY Sports

On Derek Stepan And His Future Contract

Derek Stepan will sign a new contract with the Rangers. That much is inevitable. But I can tell you one thing, Stepan won’t like the contract he gets.

He’s going to be paid handsomely for sure, but Stepan will still probably feel he’s being cheated out of some cash. I bet most players feel they should be earning a little bit more money.

But for Stepan though, there’s absolutely no way he’s going to get the money or years on the contract he desires. It’s just not going to happen for a few reasons but there are a couple reasons why it definitely won’t happen.

For one thing this is Stepan’s first contract after his entry level deal. He has no right to arbitration. Sather can really hold out for as long as he pleases. Even if Stepan holds out like Brandon Dubinsky did not too long ago, Sather’s not going to budge. I don’t think Sather’s really given out a bad contract to a player coming off his entry level deal. Don’t expect that to change under his reign.

The second reason is that it’d be crazy to make a four or five year investment in Derek Stepan at this moment. Stepan’s established himself in the team for sure, but now he needs to prove his consistency. He did very well in the shortened season last year, but now over the next two seasons he has to prove to everyone he can build off this past season.

It’s in Stepan’s best interest right now to accept a two year bridge deal and get the most he can in terms of money. Then he can go out and play the next two years and prove his worth. He can get an even better contract than he’s looking for now if he proves his consistency. Between the UFA years and numbers he’ll put up, Stepan could become very paid in the upwards of five million a season.

This isn’t the contract Derek Stepan wants to get right. It’s the one after this one that’s way more important.

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  • Centerman

    I agree, you’re right on with Stepan. Most fans don’t understand what’s going on with his next contract. Most of those situations are based on deadlines. It’s like a big game of chicken to see who’ll crack first. Stepan and his agent ( likely just his agent) want the Rangers to think an offer sheet could come and Stepan will sign it. Even though Step could have turned down a number of offer sheets by now. The Rangers brass know training camp starts in less than 3 weeks. As we get closer to camp
    (the deadline) someone has to crack and Sather figures its going to be Stepan. You’re right, Stepan isn’t gonna like his next contract. He probably feels like he earned a nice paycheck.
    He can negotiate an extension next summer but if he signs a 2 year contract. He’s stuck with it for 2 years until the other contract kicks in. If Sather didn’t have 16 roster players due to hit free agency, it may not be such a bad idea for Stepan to sign a 1 year contract. More years is always better but he’s outplayed whatever contract he will sign. There should be more money next year and he may do better then. I’d like to see him do it for a full season before committing huge dollars to him. To give him 3-4 mil now on a 6 year contract could prove to be a steal for the Rangers. It’s bad to pay players based upon potential. That’s one of the deadly sins that get teams in financial trouble down the road. What do I know. Either way, someone won’t be happy. I guarentee that! Many fans make like its there money Sather is spending.

  • Centerman

    Henrique just got a 6 year $24 mil contract. If I were Stepan I’d be pissed too. To sign a two year bridge deal and be stuck with it for those 2 years even if u negotiate and sign an extension, I’m stuck with this contract for the 2 years. They had better give him a decent wage for those 2 years because IMO Henrique just bumped my value up. Henrique scored 51 points as a rookie and was 3rd in Calder voting. Stepan had 45 points in his rookie season. Then scored 51 in his 2nd season and his 44 points last year were on pace for 75 in a full 82.

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  • Dave Young

    How does a guy make it in the NHL with a name like Adam Henrique? Sounds like he should be a hair dresser or wedding planner.
    Stepan has 140 pts over the last 3 years, is a +42, lead the Rangers in scoring last year (regular season and playoffs). How does anyone think the kid needs to still prove himself? He did everything Torts asked him to do and more. He’s also the one that got Nash going after Torts had him playing on a line with Ritchey.
    The Rangers start the year on the road 9 of 10. No Cally or Hags. Without Steps in the lineup, the start could be a little rocky. Next year Sather has to sign Hank, Girardi, and Cally. My guess is Steps signs a one year deal, then gets big money from Chicago or the Wild next year. The Wild you say? Watch the chemistry between Parise and Stepan in Sochi.