Oct 10, 2013; Anaheim, CA, USA; Anaheim Ducks left wing Dustin Penner (17) scores a goal on New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist (30) during the second period at Honda Center. Mandatory Credit: Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Say bye to Henrik Lundqvist

Before you pull the trigger on me, I think I have an argument here that will convince most, but before I start  have to say I LOVE Henrik Lundqvist, he’s one of the best goaltenders this organization has ever had, he’s a personal idol of mine and I would be VERY sad to see him go, but it may be what’s best for the team at this point, so let’s get started.

Lundqvist’s contract is up after this season, and as we all know, his contract is currently worth about $7Million, to re-sign he’ll presumably want at least $8Million a year, now even with the salary cap going up, that poses a SERIOUS problem for general manager Glen Sather because we have to re-sign 11, ELEVEN UFA’s. These names include, Ryan Callahan, Brian Boyle, Taylor Pyatt, Benoit Pouliot, Dominic Moore, Arron Asham, Dan Girardi, Anton Stralman, Henrik Lundqvist, Martin Biron AND Darrol Powe. On top of that, there are five RFA’s to be re-signed, these include Derick Brassard, Mats Zuccarello, Michael Del Zotto (although we should probably consider getting rid of him too), Justin Falk, and John Moore. In case you lost count, that’s SIXTEEN players that need to be inked down onto paper after this season and we’re going to need every penny we’ve got, ESPECIALLY the extra few million that Hank is going to want.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

This team is not cup ready, and one of our biggest faults is the lack of offensive capability, partially because we don’t have loads of money to spend on offense. So here’s another point, let’s say Hank wants $8Million, getting rid of him will free that up. There are tons of free agents after this season with incredible talent on offense and in net. To start, in net the number one possibility is Martin Brodeur (I’M KIDDING). Seriously, goalies that are up for grabs after this season include Jonas Hiller from Anaheim, Jaroslav Halak or Brian Elliot from St. Louis or even Ray Emery from Philadelphia, all these guys are solid, B level goaltenders for cheap (anywhere between 2-4 Million). Now with the extra money, we can go and bolster the offense, make it cup ready, who am I thinking, you ask? Something depth like, no one too expensive, but at least one goal scorer. Possible forwards to sign are, Alexander Steen, Dave Bolland, Matt Moulson, Todd Bertuzzi, Dustin Penner, Jason Chimera(sort of), Brad Boyes and even Michal Handzus.

That was lengthy, I know but it’s a serious list of goalies and offense that could easily be part of this team if we could get rid of Lundqvist’s extremely heavy contract. But to end, where could we see Lundqvist going? Well a few places, he could go to Brooklyn, Pittsburgh, Toronto or Philadelphia. Again, I LOVE Hank, but I’m serious about making this team better and 8 million dollars will do just that.


P.S. Getting rid of Hank, AND buying out Brad Richards will leave us about 13 or so million dollars, can you imagine?

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  • Tony

    Is that a list of offensive players, or an offensive list of players?

  • Centerman

    None of those players are worth letting Hsnk go elsewhere. We don’t know what Hank wants. He may just want an 8 year contract. It could be less per year than he’s getting now. I don’t think Girardi will be back. Only the Flames will have more than the Rangers 33.395 mil to spend + whatever the cap goes up to. They could have over $35 mil to spend + the money from Richards buyout that should cover most of Hanks contract. Girardi’s contract will be the rest and then some. Also the Rangers will definitely have rookies NHL ready to step in and fill top 9 roles. I this they’re fine. They’ll have 6+ mil in bonus cushion money to get kids signed. The NYR are in good shape.

  • Franklin Steele

    It just seems like a carousel in New York. First they trade away offensive depth for Rick Nash, then offensive depth is the problem. So they trade Gaborik to reacquire the depth that they lost. And now they would let Lundqvist go to secure another name like Gabby? Have to settle in the middle somewhere.

  • fridayschild713

    They should’ve bought out Richards.

  • Tomb

    Hank is the only one on that list you should want Sather to re-sign.

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  • zuccsaga36

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH wow this is the dumbest article i have ever seen. hanks going to be resigned. you stupid mfs wanted gaborik gone said staal should be traded want delzaster here so stop with your stupid articles im tired of reading this crap from people who have never played and just dont know what the hell there watching. thank god your not the gm because your stupid

    • Andy Graziano

      How ‘high and mighty’ of you to classify an OPINION piece as the dumbest article you have ever seen. So, I imagine everything you read is based on fact and the premise that something is definitely going to happen?

      Ripping someone else for having their own opinion and the chops to voice said opinion in an open forum such as this only shows your lack of intelligence.

      • zuccsaga36

        your opinion is retarded

        • Andy Graziano

          And my point is proven. Thanks

        • Andrew Graziano

          Why don’t you write something and send it to me? Let’s see if you can do any better. I doubt it will be anything fantastic.

    • http://awinninghabit.com/ Josh

      This is by far the dumbest comment I have ever read…

    • Shawn Taggart

      To be fair, I don’t think any of us here said to keep Del Zotto, and to trade Staal. Getting rid of Gaborik? Of course, he’s a streaky player who lacks consistency.

      And also, I feel all of us played some form of hockey, so I guess what you should do is just check your facts before posting something pretty baseless.

      • zuccsaga36

        Streaky player who lacks consistency you say huh. 255 games 114 goals 115 assists 229 points streaky my rear he was moved to his off win and put with Boyle his last year here. He’s been a top 3 goal scorer % wise in the league as a ranger the trade was stupid. Check my facts huh. Maybe you should see how torts misused gaborik when Nash got here fact is gaboriks been one of the most consistent goal scorers in the league as a ranger and would flourish under av. He has more points in 4 games then the entire rangers team. You get your facts traded during a lock out year is dumb and trade henrik for depth hey yo depth starts in net

        • Shawn Taggart

          Wait, are you Scott Hall? I guess we’re watching different Gaborik’s who wouldn’t commit to the two way game and play defense, and would just disappear in games. And this was before last year as well.

          I expect Gaborik to do well, its a contract year. But once a team signs him, he’ll be right back to where he was, insignificant and inconsistent.

          • zuccsaga36

            Commit huh 255 games with rangers plus 30. If you want marian gaborik blocking shots your nuts. Didn’t commit huh seems he played d to me. Right back where he was huh. 41- 42 -22-9 every full season gaborik plays he scores 40 plus goals. Your crazy he was bumped to the 4 th line because torts had a hard on for Nash. Funny I don’t seen Nash being mr d even with torts. Contract year or no gaborik plays 75-82 games he’s putting up 40 as a ranger gaborik was % number 3 in the league in goal scoring. Now we have a team that will struggle to score goals yet again why because we traded the best goal scorer we have for a third line center a penalty machine and a good prospect d. Delzotto could of gotten Moore. And brassard could of been gotten with jt miller. You would rather have Richards cap hit then gaboriks your nuts he’s one of the best goal scorers in the league contract year means nothing

          • zuccsaga36

            229 points in 255 games where’s his inconsistent play? Oh and under torts defensive system lol you make me laugh and who’s scott hall

          • zuccsaga36

            If that’s your tKe on inconsistent I wish the rest of the team was that inconsistent. And what your saying is gaboriks inconsistent but Nash isn’t yet gaborik scores more points then him ever year

  • Derek

    holy fuck.

  • Jennifer

    Geez. Does anyone edit these articles? The amount of run on sentences with unnecessary commas is unbelievable. Borderline unreadable.