Nov 7, 2013; Columbus, OH, USA; New York Rangers center Brad Richards (19) shoots the puck in the game against the Columbus Blue Jackets at Nationwide Arena. New York Rangers win 4 to 2 over the Columbus Blue Jackets. Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowksi-USA TODAY Sports

The Craziest Brad Richards Scenario You Didn’t Think Possible Before The Season Started

Brad Richards at this point is pretty much back to his old self. I think we’re passed the “safe period” for that. He’s skating much better with the puck and making good decisions on the ice. He’s even shooting on the power play very nicely, with Callahan even re-directing his shot last night against Montreal. He’s also still a big part of the locker room.

I think Richards’ goals total will be in the mid twenties and I think with Nash coming back he can finish in the mid 40′s to mid 50′s in assists. Nash and the coming together of the Rangers team offensively coming together should really give Richards a boost.

If Richards though can come close to a point per game he’s suddenly trade material. It’s certainly mind boggling how much perception on a player can change, but it’s the truth. Brad Richards would be trade material again because the Rangers really can’t afford to keep him on the roster.

My crazy thought is if Brad Richards becomes a free agent there will be competition to sign him. Now Brad Richards has a NMC making a trade much more difficult, but if he were willing to accept the fact the Rangers can’t keep him, he could have a say in choosing the next team he plays for.

If Sather says “Hey Brad, we can’t keep you on the team next season, so we’re either going to buy you out or look to trade you. Please give me a list of teams of where you would consider playing next.” How could you not submit a list of teams if you are Brad Richards? How else can you keep your lucrative contract, and go possibly to the hockey team of your choice?

If I were him I’d definitely try to keep the contract he has right now. It’s insane how much he’s getting and how many years he’s getting it for. Now there aren’t too many teams that can afford his cap hit and salary, but they’re out there for sure. Those teams though probably don’t have much of a chance of signing Brad Richards in free agency though. Basically these are Brad’s options if my above ultimatum by Sather is made:

A) Accept a trade to a team he probably doesn’t like in order to keep his current contract.

B) Get bought out, accept a worse contract than he has currently by a team he probably likes.

C) Go to the KHL.

D) Join Sean Avery in the fashion industry.

So there you have it. If I’m Richards in this scenario I’m hoping a team I like comes calling. If not, well maybe you take your talents to a lesser team because you want all that money. After all, after his hockey career that’s what he’s going to need and want right?

It’ll certainly be interesting though to see how this all plays out.

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  • zuccsaga36

    Rangers won’t buy him out if he continues this play his contract is impossible to move

    • Pivot

      So you’re saying the Rangers can and will keep him? He’s got another 6 years on that deal. I would love to see him stay and I might have been the only fan against buying him out during last years playoffs. The guy had one bad year in an otherwise illustrious career. He’s a lock to break 60 points and will score 70 most years. The only way the Rangers could keep him in NY is if they can fill 3 or 4 regular spots in the lineup with Entry Level Contracts and the Buyout period ends in July. They won’t have a good beat on them until next October. Too many years on that deal. A team like Edmonton would be smart to

      • zuccsaga36

        He struggled last season but was on pace for 60 points 24 goals. Which looking at his career numbers he would of been right there? This year he’s on pace for 26. Goals and 65 points. He’s back in shape and ready to play if he coninues this play he’s worth the money. And another thing rangers have over 34 in cap space next year so we don’t actually have to buy him out

        • Pivot

          I agree. The Rangers are in good shape going forward. We also don’t know what the cap will be. Could go up with all the extra outdoor games this year.

          • zuccsaga36

            Idk if it goes up at all at the end but I know I was reading some where that the cap by 2018 if the game continues tog row at this rate should be around 75-80 mill so let’s see what happens. IWW ould hope we get a extra four or five mill at the seasons end this year

          • Pivot

            I think it will go back to 70.5 mil!

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