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Rangers Blueshirts Daily: 1/9/14

THE RANGERS WIN!!!!!!!!! It’s the morning after an amazing game and an amazing win against the defending champions in their home barn!!! In case you didn’t know, the Blackhawks were also the second place team in the league and only tow points behind the number one  Anaheim! Great job Rangers!!! Ok, I know that was a LOT of exclamation points so early in the morning but you understand how huge that game was last night. Let’s get down to business. Here are todays links.

If you didn’t read Kenny’s post game last night, what are you waiting for?? Go do it now. After you read that one go read the one from the other side of the fence. Our friends who run the counterpart site for the Blackhawks have their own take on things and it’s always interesting to see how everyone looks at things.

Pat Leonard at the New York Daily News has a great piece on last night’s game as well. Give it a read!

Here’s an interesting look at the Rangers’ players headed to Sochi. What do you think about our team having seven Olympians? Do we have too many or too few? Do you agree with the selections? Who would you add or subtract from the rosters?

Short and sweet today so keep your smiles bright in this horrible, cold, weather. Enjoy your hot chocolate with these great articles and leave us your opinions in our comments (just scroll down).

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