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New York Rangers' Blueshirts Daily:1/31/14


It’s game day!!! The New York Rangers host the New York Islanders once again. With emotions still running high from the Stadium Series sweep, we venture into the excitement again. Tonight’s game should be a good one with both teams playing well and the series for this season being tied at two games a piece. Let’s get down to today’s news.

As always, Pat Leonard weighs in on tonight’s game and how it could affect the team. This could be a huge momentum swing for either of the two teams.

After losing the game at Yankee Stadium, Islander fans only had this to say about Ranger fans at the game. I mean really, who cares about a chant when you are freezing cold and winning the game? I didn’t hear Islanders fans chanting either so there’s that.

The news surrounding Ryan Callahan is everywhere and it’s all rumors and speculation. Here’s the ESPN version of the scenario, for those of you who subscribe to the rumor mills.

Don’t forget to check out the SNDPODCAST show for this week. It was posted this morning and should be interesting to hear. We got into the Rangers and Islanders pretty well and even threw in some other NHL tidbits.

Short and sweet, those are your daily links. Enjoy those while we prepare for the game tonight. As always we will have your game coverage before and after the teams take the ice. Don’t forget to check out Lewis’s piece on the rivalry between the Rangers and the Islanders. We’ve got a lot planned for you today so stay tuned!


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  • Jake Wooten

    Cally isn’t going anywhere!!!!

    • PuckDani

      Who knows what might happen, I don’t think he accepts a deal with any team unless its one closer to home which I don’t think is really possible so yeah… but this is business and if trading Cally brings you a cup what do you do?

      • Jake Wooten

        If it gets us a Cup I’ll be fine with it lol Sather just better not screw up whatever he does with this situation.

        • PuckDani

          Sometimes it takes a lot to know when to let go. That’s why we love the name on the front of the jersey above all else. At the end of the day it’s all business.

  • Lewis Rosengarten

    Dani, Thanks for the link to Chris McNally’s Islander perspective.
    For me it isn’t a question of whether Potvin’s hit was legal
    or not, nor does it matter that it was a long time ago as viewed by someone who
    hasn’t lived that long. The Potvin taunts are symbolic of the rivalry, and have
    become tradition. (Of course, it is ridiculous.) Because the teams are so close to each other, and
    are competitive, the rivalry takes on any matter of bizarre dimensions. The
    fans continue the chant because it bothers those on the other side so much, as
    in this article. Funny how the closer in geography and background combatants
    are, often the more heated the rivalry. Were the rangers also schooled by Potvin? Not
    in ’79! (I can’t resist the clutches of the rivalry either…)

    • PuckDani

      I thought the whole article came off like Marty’s complaints about the ice, poor losers who can’t admit defeat. I love a good rivalry as much as anyone else and as long as the Rangers finish ahead of the Islanders, I call it a successful season! My feelings towards Potvin are the same as Dion Phaneuf, I don’t like either of them.