Feb 4, 2014; New York, NY, USA; New York Rangers right wing Ryan Callahan (24) acknowledges the crowd after being names the star of the game against the Colorado Avalanche at Madison Square Garden. The Rangers won 5-1. Mandatory Credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Girardi And Callahan Contract Talks Aren't What The Rangers Need

The Rangers are playing, bar none, their best of hockey of the season right now; even in the midst of possible departures. There’s a lot of salary cap talk at the moment surrounding the Rangers, but I think those need to be put on hold for the most part until the season is over. The only two players who need to be addressed are Ryan Callahan and Dan Girardi.

The Ryan Callahan Situation- He’s the captain and has all those intangibles blah, blah, blah. But he’s often injured, and is possibly seeking too much money. If he truly wants $7 million a season, he needs to find a new team that will pay him that. The Rangers certainly won’t. If he does want to stick around for a hometown discount, think in the 6 million per season range, then I’m sure Sather and Co. would love to keep him on board. I’m on the fence about trading him because I don’t know if his full value could be brought back in a trade. I’d really love to just see Callahan ink a new contract and win the Cup but that’s just me.

The Dan Girardi Situation- He’s a solid defensive defenseman. He brings certain intangibles though also seeking too much money. Girardi is another player I like, but not for the $6 million per season he’s reportedly seeking. He’s only put up 30 or more points in an NHL season once; and from a defensive standpoint getting a replacement shouldn’t be terribly hard. Still, I like Girardi and I’d love to keep him around if possible. In the end though it would be hard to justify giving him much more than around $5 million per season. His partner, Ryan McDonagh, is already making $4.7 million per season and he’s our franchise’s best defenseman. I’d have a hard time with Girardi making a lot more than McDonagh.

Where does this all leave us? Well Sather basically has to give both players an ultimatum with his best offer on the table. Either Callahan and or Girardi sign, or they both possibly get traded. It’s a shame how few players play for one team anymore, but that’s sports these days. I also don’t blame Callahan and Girardi for wanting the most out of these contracts. It is likely there are their last deals, and they have families to look after for the rest of their lives. A hundred thousand dollars may seem very nonchalant when you’re talking about a contract worth millions, but every penny matters and that’s just a fact of life.

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  • Pivot

    Callahan isn’t asking for 7 mil per season. He’s also not often injured. He’s played in 88% of the games for the Rangers since they made him a regular on the roster. With all the games missed by some players with head injuries. That isn’t bad. They’ll resign him. If you want a car listed for 10K. Are you gonna walk up and just give him 10K or are you going to make an offer of say $8500 first? So Cally is selling that car and after negotiating he will get 5.5 or 6 mil depending on term.

    • http://www.bluelinestation.com/ PuckDani

      Three injuries this year and the closest he’s been to a full season was missing 1 game in his second NHL season… Yeah, that’s not often injured… just gets too tired to play?