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Will Ryan Callahan Stay a New York Ranger?

For about a month now there has been heavy talk about our captain, Ryan Callahan, staying a New York Ranger. During the current season, Callahan has been hurt a few times and he may need to reassess his demands for time and money on his contract. Is it truly a positive move for team morale to trade the player that is supposed to be the biggest motivator?

Now, more specifically the rumor mill has churned out the possibility of a trade to be Ryan Callahan for Martin St. Louis of the Tampa Bay Lightning. St. Louis has impressive numbers, to say the least, is it worth it to trade our 28-year-old captain for a 38-year-old player? Although, I have mentioned that St. Louis has remarkable numbers from this year , and previous years, I haven’t watched him enough to comment on what type of player he is and how exactly he plays. What I do know is how Callahan plays.

You can tell every time Callahan hits the ice he plays with his heart and he plays to make his fans proud; not to mention his teammates and coaches. He is a huge asset to the penalty kill and is a big reason as to why it is so good. Mark Messier always said, “good things happen when you get in front of the net” and Callahan is not afraid to get there and to make a play happen; especially on the power play. He is fearless when it comes to sacrificing his body, whether he’s checking someone or laying himself on the ice to block a shot. Bottom line, Callahan is a gritty, hard-working player. Should that be overlooked and put on the chopping block to be traded?

Personally, I don’t think so. I think to dismantle a team that is in second place in their conference, who have finally gotten coach Alain Vigneault’s system down, and have such great chemistry is thoughtless; to put it politely. While I understand this, as a fan, am speaking from a truly emotional side and not a business mind; I think Glen Sather really needs to rethink his proposals and to rethink them quickly.

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  • David Miller

    I appreciate your fandom but if you don’t know how Martin St. Louis plays you really are not qualified to write a blog on hockey.

    • Pivot

      That’s ridiculous. I have seen St Louis play but I don’t see him enough to say he can go fill in for our Captain. The writer was right not to comment on the way MSL plays. You’re a fool and should not be able to comment on a blog.

      • David Miller

        You see, this is the problem with bloggers… everyone thinks they need to share their opinion and present themselves like an expert but they are not. I have been playing and coaching and watching for more years than the blogger has been alive but I don’t write a column. Why? I’m not qualified!!! There are people who spend their entire lives studying and following the game. They are experts. People like Adam Proteau, Stan Fischler, Greg Wyshynski or other nationally known writers dedicate their lives to this.

        Now – as to you – I was nice about it. She gave her opinion and I gave mine. If you are going to post or blog be ready for a reaction – it goes with the territory. I didn’t call anyone a name but you did. Show some class there. My name is on my post. I do not hide. You are anonymous. That is cowardice. You make a nasty comment and you hide behind anonymity. If you disagree with my opinion about the post do so civilly or it is you who does not belong as a part of civil discourse.

        Oh – and for the record – Martin St. Louis is an amazing player and would probably help the Rangers in the short term. His speed, vision, stick handling skills and leadership make him a hall of fame player. In fact, the Lightning wouldn’t even do that deal straight up!! We’d have to give up a pick and a prospect as well as Cally. I’m not saying I would do the deal by the way as a Ranger fan. Cally is worth more to the Rangers than his stat line, but as a result of his style of play he is injury prone and at best a 50 point guy. St. Louis already has 60 this season! Look at his stats:

        • PuckDani

          You see, the problem with knee jerk reactions is that thought is rarely included.
          We are a fan based blog, see how we are called FANsided we are here for fans to come together. Ashley was right not to comment on a player she isn’t deeply familiar with. Her opinion on that matter is that Ryan Callahan should stay; that’s what she wrote. She did not present herself as an expert. She was very clear about her position on the opinion in the post.

          The writers you mentioned didn’t just one day get a top writing position. They worked hard and had a place to start and learn.

          Oh- and for the record- there are several pieces on this site about the same topic and Martin St. Louis’ stats and abilities are well covered.

          Just so we are clear about who I am, referencing your comment about hiding behind anonymity, I am the Senior editor of this site. I appreciate you reading and commenting, but I like to run a respectful site which extends to everyone, writers and commenters, who interacts with not only the site, but also our twitter and our Facebook page. Thanks!

          • David Miller

            I appreciate and respect your reaction and, given what you have articulated as the purpose of the site, my comments were indeed harsh. I apologize to Ashley for that. As to respectful, perhaps “Pivot” should reconsider calling people “fools.” I’ve got a sense, just a sense, I do not qualify as one!

          • PuckDani

            Pivot is a regular commenter and I’m pretty sure his intention by saying fool was a bit of a “dose of your own medicine” type of comment.
            He is aware that disrespect is not tolerated here.

            Sometimes we all just need to take a step back and breathe before we jump head first into a small puddle. :)

        • Pivot

          The trade ended up happening but that doesn’t mean because the blogger can’t compare MSL to Cally means she isn’t qualified or shouldn’t write a blog. She knows the Rangers. There’s a blogger that just writes about TB. Instead of saying something wrong she wasn’t afraid to say I am not sure. I’d rather that than her be a know it all and be totally wrong. No one is more criticle about these bloggers and their opinion than me. However in this case you were out of line. I have studied & played the game for over 20 years but I don’t know everything. I’m still learning and the game is still evolving. Everyone of those so called “experts” you noted had to start somewhere. Likely a blog or little known paper in those days like this. You don’t like it then don’t read. Obviously you keep coming back so they win. You read and comment as they want you to.

  • Ryne

    Or we could encourage Ashley to expand her horizons & watch other teams. Our beloved NYR always play “other teams”. Perhaps this would make her a more well rounded writer?

    Frankly, I stopped reading after the St Louis gaff.

    • David Miller

      You are right – I could have been more gentle and suggested that she watch more and develop more of an expertise before writing a blog. I stand corrected on that front.

  • Snugsy

    Clearly the blogger has a focus on local, NY based hockey and an expertise specific to the Rangers. I think she absolutely did the right thing in clearly stating she doesn’t have enough exposure to the recent play of MSL to make an informed decision on whether or not he would be a good fit for the current style of play and personnel employed by the Blue Shirts. It’s actually refreshing to see a candid admission, which is much preferred to the writer who suggests they’re an ‘expert’ after witnessing a player in action a couple of times a year. Also, this helps bring back the focus of the article which is not a comparison between the two players, but a think piece on the chemistry and intangibles the Captain brings to the equation and this risk posed to the team should they devalue these contributions that don’t show up in the boxscore. Well done.