2014 Stanley Cup Playoff Bracket: Eastern Conference

Hello hockey fans! We’re back with some updates for you so you can stay up to date on the playoff bracket, and what the picture as a whole looks like. Unlike last time, the picture is a tad bit more set in stone, with only really a few things still up for grabs, but don’t worry! We’ll fill you in on those.

Starting off once again with the Atlantic Division, led by the Bruins with 115 points will play whatever team ends up in the second wild card spot. Currently, the two wild card spots are being contested by the Detroit Red Wings, the Philadelphia Flyers and the Columbus Blue Jackets, all three of these teams are in the playoffs and one of them will end up third in the Metropolitan division. All three teams are tied with 91 points but the Flyers currently hold the tiebreaker over both of them and are currently in third in the Metro. The Blue Jackets and the Red Wings both play tonight, so we’ll update this tomorrow. falala

The divisional match-up here is between the Montreal Canadiens and the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Canadiens have 98 points and the lightning have 97 points. The only thing that’s up for grabs in this series is home ice advantage, worth noting is the fact that the Canadiens are slumping, 2-2-1 in their last five games one of those losses being to Tampa Bay and to compare the Lightning are heating up winning three of their last five and climbing to within one point of Montreal for second in the Atlantic Division.

Moving onto to the Metropolitan division, which is led by the Pittsburgh Penguins who currently have 107 points and will play whatever team ends up in the first wild card position. The confusion with the wild card spots is that they could go to any one of the three teams I mentioned before. I won’t sit here and make predictions, but what I will say is that the Penguins have already begun their yearly slump, Marc-Andre Fleury included and no matter what team the Penguins end up playing they are ripe for an upset.

Finally, the Metropolitan divisional match-up. This will either be between the New York Rangers and the Columbus Blue Jackets, or the New York Rangers and the Philadelphia Flyers. Henrik Lundqvist, Rick Nash and the Rangers are sitting and waiting to find out which opponent they will face. Whether it’s the Flyers or the Jackets, it’s bound to be a good series but that opponent is to be determined, and may not be determined until the last day of the series.

Anyway hockey fans! That’s the updated east! Stay tuned to the site for the Western Conference either later tonight or early tomorrow!

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