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Chris Kreider Playing On The Edge

Chris Kreider has played an important role for the Rangers these playoffs. Since his return from a wrist injury suffered late in the season, he has been a welcomed asset to the Rangers lineup. The 6’3, Boston College has emerged as a dynamic player.

Through five playoff games, starting with game four of the Pittsburgh Penguins series, Kreider has two goals and four points. Even though he averages 14:14 minutes on the ice per game, his play on the ice must still be accounted for, by his opponents. Without a doubts, he is one of the reasons why the Rangers find themselves in the Eastern Conference Finals.

However, he has played with an edge that is garnering attention, in the wrong way.
In game one against the Montreal Canadiens, there was a play that came into question his intention. The play being referred to occurred in the second period. Chris Kreider was able to split the defense and strived towards Carey Price. He was not able to get a shot off, losing his footing on the ice.

Consequently, he slammed into Price, dislodging the net and halting the game. Afterwards, Price was seen down on the ice for some time. Fortunately, he got up and skated on his own. He was able to finish the second period. However, he was pulled after the second intermission by Canadians head coach Michel Therrien.
Now, according to his head coach, Price is questionable for game two, on Monday. For your review, here is the play in question:

And this is not the first time a play like this has occurred.

Chris Kreider

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In round two against the Penguins, there was a goalie interference penalty called on Chris Kreider, involving Marc-Andre Fleury.

The replay showed that he was clearly pushed by the Penguins defense, and collided into Fleury. He is seen losing his balance and unable to avoid the Penguins goalie. However, this is what caught my attention.

Why did he not try and avoid Fleury, make an attempt. Perhaps, if he tried to back off instead of bowling forward and clipping Fleury with an elbow, the referee may have swallowed his whistle and called the goal.

However, we have to remember all of this happening in real time. The speed of the game is at a greater pace. The referees, though we may not like it, has to make a reactionary call to what they see.

It would be unfortunate for Price, if he is injured, not to play in game two or any games this playoff cause of this. You always want to play the best, to prove to the world you got to where you are by beating the best.

Chris Kreider, great as he is, still needs to mature. He needs to avoid taking unnecessary actions, such as cheap shots. He needs to realize that the team benefits more from his breakout speed and offensive talent. In the future, he needs to stop and think before barreling into the opponent’s goalie.

Was he trying to gain an advantage or send a message? We will never know. Hopefully, there will not be a consequence to his action on Saturday. However, he may become a marked man, and retaliation may rear its head. Just ask Brandon Prust his opinion.

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  • Pridenpoise

    Trust me if Price is injured, Kreider better have his head on a swivel, this was no “accident”. If Price does miss games, you can bet Lundquist will get the same treatment, so be prepared to get run over.

    • Sanhadrin

      I don’t think Montreal has the size to do anything about it. Look at the end of game 7 in their last series where Montreal was rubbing Boston’s dirty plays back in their face to close out the game, like lying on top of them. Bruins just got up – it was like elephants swatting flies off.

      Montreal’s best play is to make sure everyone actually shows up for every game. That’s all. Price will heal in time for the next round. Anything that looks “retaliatory” will probably get punished severely.

      • bk

        What next round? Without Price this series is over…

      • Pridenpoise

        You’re comparing the Rangers size to Boston, not even close. I disagree take out Lundquist, and that levels the playing field, as for punishment, have you seen anything dirty in these playoffs punished.

        • BT Farley

          The Bruins aren’t that big a team overall. Sure they have Chara & Lucic but they also have some small forwards and a couple tiny defenseman. If the Canadiens hurt Lundqvist, They will lose a player as well to suspension. The Rangers have Talbot who’s able to come in and win games. He led the NHL in S% and GAA. He played 21 games and had 3 Shutouts. Being the Rangers are a better overall team. I’d say even without Lundqvist the Rangers will win this series.

      • BT Farley

        That’s another thing! When something like this happens, the NHL in Toronto are watching for anyone who may take a shot at Hank or go after Kreider. Prust made a nice play for the Rangers in game 1 by spearing and slashing at Kreider. That gave the refs an easy call to make and a NYR PP. That PP got the Rangers their 7th goal in that game and it was Rick Nash that scored it. That was his first of the playoffs and it got him going. Now he has 2 in 2 games.

    • BT Farley

      That’s just NOT how it works in the NHL. There’s a code of conduct in this league. You also made that comment before game two and as we all saw, Lundqvist is fine. The Rangers Defenseman would probably take a hit before they let anyone get to Lundqvist. Unlike Price, Hank is the longest tenured player on this team. The leader and the true captain. So nothing is happening to Lundqvist.
      Kreider doesn’t have to do anything except go play his game. He’s the biggest player on both teams at 235 pounds and 6′ 3″. If I’m the media in Montreal or the players on the team, I’d be looking at the defenseman that tripped Kreider when all he was doing was going to the net. In any event the only one(s) to get run over were the Canadiens in their own building.

      • Pridenpoise

        They still won’t win the cup, it’s going to the West, so blow me.

  • rangers4life

    First of all proof read your articles before publishing. Second of all, you really think he got Price on purpose? Watch the play again. He did get the shot off and there was a stick in his feet. He came to the net with a ton of speed. Try driving your car in the direction you want to go while hydroplaning or skidding on the ice while speeding. Good luck!

    • Sanhadrin

      “Try driving your car in the direction you want to go while hydroplaning or skidding on the ice while speeding.”

      Are you actually trying to use that as an defense? If you start “hydroplaning or skidding on the ice while speeding” while driving, it’s 100% the driver’s fault. Just like it’s 100% Krieder’s fault for barreling at the net – no matter what, he didn’t have an out except through Price, and that makes it on him and no one else.

    • Pridenpoise

      Another moron, trying to justify this idiots play, he’s done it before and he will do it again, but I’m sure you will have an excuse.

    • Steph Durant

      The nonsensical are prone to using nonsensical arguments.

      Go ahead and show us an NHL players going into a goaltender two skate blades up. Never seen it. This is a first.

    • hohesc

      “He did get the shot off and there was a stick in his feet”
      How many times you have seen a player getting tripped and his skates go forward? Answer: unless this is a magical hockey stick, one that causes, he wasn’t tripped.

      Secondly, regarding “hydroplaning”, have you ever skated in your life before? It’s impossible to skate anywhere but in the direction your skates are in. He’s not skidding, hydroplaning, or anything of the sort. Utter nonsense.

  • bk

    Price is gone for the series…. retaliation should be coming… Does Lundquist have his insurance all paid up??? Kreider as well…
    Either way the series is over… I just hope the retaliation also takes out a key Ranger or two…
    Make it easier for LA/Chi like they will need any help…

    • Pridenpoise

      Exactly, I know that Budaj could steal a game or two, but I think we are doomed, my only consolation is that I know whoever the Rangers face in the finals, will crush them.

    • BT Farley

      When are they planning to do that? That’s just ridiculous! It was an accident. Everyone can see that except for the Montreal fans.


    just out play these losers from new York who are lucky they got this far,this is as big as motivation they need,remember they will play each other next season then we take out that dirtbag kreider

  • Steph Durant

    Lots of players find ways to avoid hitting goaltenders, or to dissipate the collision force if there is no way around it.

    From what I’ve seen of Kreider, that is not the case with him.

    It was telling that the first words out of his mouth after the game were “back pressure”. He had a ready “reason / excuse” for losing his balance in a way I have never seen an NH:’er on breakaway lose his balance.

    He has offered no words akin “I hope Price is OK”. All he has offered is “I wished I scored (too)”, as to rub it in.

    Let’s see if skates with head up tonight. Emelin and Subban will be looking to line him up certainly, and show him what clean hockey is.

    • BT Farley

      Maybe Emelin and Subban are waiting for game 4. The way Kreider was tripped and pushed from behind. I would have said the same thing. Kreider isn’t a leader on that team. Rarely the press ask him anything after a game. Only due to that play with Price, they threw 30 mics in his face.
      To all you Montreal fans, Lundqvist is the best goalie in the world. Price is good. Very good but he’s not in the top 3-5 goalies in the NHL. Lundqvist got bad Ranger teams to the Playoffs and then stole a series. The Canadiens were bad for the last few years and so was Price. He did nothing to keep that Montreal team in games. They had a top 5 draft pick a couple years ago. That never happened to the Rangers while Hank has been in goal. No team can say that about their goalie.