What Trade Assets do the New York Rangers Have

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Update-The New York Rangers have recently added Matthew Lombardi to a 2 year contract with an $800K cap hit. The five foot eleven inch left-handed centre last played in the NHL in 12/13 for the Anaheim Ducks after starting the season in Arizona with the Coyotes. He's a good addition to add depth at center.


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 The New York Rangers don’t have much in the way of trade assets in the form of draft picks or young prospects teams would be drooling over . They don’t own a first round pick for next years Entry Draft. The players they have that are most NHL ready are not exactly blowing any General Managers socks off. On the NHL roster they have Carl Hagelin who has a team friendly cap hit of $2.250 million per season for one more year and there’s no way to replace what he brings. Nor would Glen Sather be able to get an equal return in any trade involving arguably the fastest skater in the National Hockey League. Alain Vigneault began integrating him more into the offense as the season progressed. Many fans feel Rick Nash should be traded due to his lack of performance in the playoffs but he played well through twenty-five playoff games. He did everything the team needed him to do except score goals and this past post season was better for him than his first in New York in 12/13 under John Tortarella. Rick Nash has a full No Movement Clause so there is little to no chance he and the New York Rangers part ways this season. It’s unlikely the New York Rangers trade their best regular season scorer this summer or during the 14/15 season. The New York Rangers gave up a boat load to get him from Columbus and would never get equal return in a trade.

Derick Brassard is an affordable contract and an attracting asset since he played well in the playoffs two years in a row, but with the lack of depth up the middle the New York Rangers are not going to trade another center unless they got an offer for a better one in return.

On defense the New York Rangers have three top pairing defenseman which gives them one of the most formidable back ends in the game.

Glen Sather traded away the last two-first round picks and next years as well in trades for Rick Nash and Martin St Louis. Next years draft is full of top talent and now the New York Rangers don’t have a pick in next years first round either.

A number of scouts believe the 2015 draft is loaded with talent, so much so that it may one day rival the 2003 draft. Heading the pack are McDavid and Eichel. By Mike G. Morreale – NHL.com Staff Writer
The only other player the New York Rangers could trade without opening another hole elsewhere is Marc Staal. Being the third of the New York Rangers three star defenseman his contract runs through the end of this coming season. He will want a raise in his first Unrestricted Free Agent contract next summer. Possibly somewhere in the range of the five to six million dollar deal Dan Girardi signed last season.

The New York Rangers have five defenseman signed through at least next season and they already spend $4.3 million per defenseman on their roster. The eight highest Cap salary per defenseman in the league. Since he had a good season after the eye injury and concussion issues before that. Why not kick other teams tires now about a trade involving Marc Staal now? The New York Rangers should trade him this summer to clear cap salary. They can’t afford to pay a third defenseman top pairing money. Free up some cap space and acquire a free agent or use the added cap space to make a trade. In a post written a couple of weeks ago there was a poll where fifty-one percent of voters felt it was better to keep Anton Stralman and trade Marc Staal. You can view that post and the poll results here.

There are teams that are in need of help on their back-end. Trading Marc Staal would not be hard for the New York Rangers. Finding the right trade partner may be the toughest part of a trade involving Marc Staal.

If they decide to trade Marc Staal to clear salary cap space. A team in need of help on defense might want to deal draft picks and/or prospects to acquire  an affordable  “shutdown” defenseman. They would control his rights for the season and the season to work out a new deal with him. He will have less value at the trade deadline when Glen Sather decides resigning him will cost too much. So make the move now instead of delaying the inevitable. There’s a few teams that need to have a defenseman like him. The Colorado Avalanche may be interested and if the Edmonton Oilers ever want to be competitive again they’d finally make a smart move to acquire a defenseman like Marc Staal.

Would it be a good idea to trade Marc Staal to clear Cap Space?

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  • Kevin Mccarthy

    You’re disappointing me I enjoyed the post. Till the poll were you say to trade Staal to resign Anton Stralmen who signed with Tampa bay for a 5 year 22mil contract! Why even mention Nash? it has been said he will not be traded in any way shape or form! You ALSO don’t give an option in the poll for other. I’d be willing to trade him for a Top center. A position I would hove filled first but that ship has sailed. The reason for signing a forth line center as a back up if bassard dose not resign Not That Lombardi was a bad sign I hope he can play like he did a few years ago but that will wait and see Who his line mates are and how the lines synergism comes together under AV

    • Puck Luck

      I only put that poll in there which was from a earlier post to show how many fans were willing to see Marc Staal be traded. I went through the most likely trade possibilities. Trading Staal for assets like picks or prospects to clear some space to with make a deal for a player. Or sign a free agent. The poll is meaningless really. Just proving a point.
      I tried to cover every angle here but the Rangers need more than a Centerman. They need some size at Center to compete with the top teams in the West and be a top team in the East. They also need a righty to even out the left and right handed shots and so Rick Nash can play on the left side. Playing with Kreider is good for Kreider because he plays on his side. The left wing while Nash has to play the off side on the right. That only works on the PP. When facing the net at even strength your backhand is facing the net. Makes that off winger make an extra move to go forehand. There has been some chatter that the Rangers should/Would trade Nash. I simply said that isn’t happening.
      If there is something you don’t like about the post. List them here in the comments section and I’ll address them. Your opinion is appreciated.